Alan.F.Alford-threatened? or sell out? or what?

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Alan Alford wrote that book,'gods of the new millenium' 'proof of flesh & blood gods'---then he suddenly retracted his my opinion he was too close to the truth & was either paid or threatened to he was set to be the 'new sitchin' & reach millions with his books..
Now he complains he is never invited to conventions & so wonder,as he has publicly turned his back on the truth to try to continue in a less threatening manner by espousing about how its 'just mythology'.some would call him a sell out..maybe or maybe we would do the same in his position-who can say.
(I wouldnt,but then Im not as clever as alford).
As an m.b.a,he was the sort of person whose reputation is important to him...mainstream susceptible to this kind of thing...I saw on Ickes forum similar opinions being expressed.
I wrote to alford to ask him but he didnt reply to me...Does anyone have anything to add that could help shed some light on this?
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