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Drjones wrote:
i2haveseen wrote:
drjones wrote:I think being conscious and being able to distinguish from what is more real and important than what is not is critical. Alot of people cannot do this and this is what i call mind control, tv is the most powerful tool for this. We now have high definition tv and 3dtv which i am confident will screw up people's eyesight and thus their perception of the real world outside which is more important. I mean HD tv, WTF ?
Go outside dammit !! I will be completely 100% free of tv this year and it's something i will not miss.

Hey Doc, just trying2bring myself up2speed on this (Mine feild of data out there) so please don't jump me, but I'm wondering if you've got any links on the subject? I remember hearing something about the tv's frequecy affecting our brains in an adverse way, But can't dfind the articles.

And for the record:
I watch about 2hrs of telly a day and am totaly zombified while watching. lol My wife aggree's.

Yes mate. Something to do with the flicker rate. And perhaps more disturbing is the recent revelation that internet search engines now apparently rewire people's memory. :shock:

Search engines 'rewire our memory' ... emory.html :rtft:
A study from Columbia University suggests that the ability to find almost any information via a few keystrokes on Google could make us less likely to remember things

oooh doc, thats a really good point about memory, ps, where the hell are you these days mate, we miss you!! :bang; :peep: :ohno:
the story of life is quicker than the blink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye, until we meet again my friend.


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