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Marrs Rebuts JFK Driver As Shooter Theory
This conpsiracy kook who promotes obvious nonsense published an article (just a few months ago) that blatantly lies about a very important fact in the film. GREER HAS BOTH HIS HANDS OFF THE WHEEL 4 seconds before he fires the fatal shot. He also places the gun in his left hand. This obvious truth is so scary to these kooks that they publish articles as recent as May, 2010. They are dreading the day when millions of people find out this shocking but obvious truth.

I have studied first-generation clear prints of the Zapruder film and it is apparent that while it may be questionable as to why Greer turned and looked back at Kennedy and then could not recall that fact for the Warren Commission, at no time did his two hands leave the steering wheel of the limousine. There are plenty of real conspiracies out there without dragging this old wheezer up again.

Jim Marrs debunks his own disinformation about the Driver NOT shooting JFK by lying about visual facts seen in Zapruder. These are the type of idiots who've been making money off book sales for over 40 years. JIM MARRS LOVES GOOGLE...LOL

THIS FAT HILLBILLY completely defines a true conspiracy kook. Making up bullshit to sell books and on the other hand denying the obvious truth about JFK being killed by his own SECRET SERVICE AGENT, bodyguard, DRIVER.

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that looks more like brylcreem than a gun

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anyway, back to Bill cooper:
from another Bill- "I just want ask these four questions, Yeah? So? And? What?" - Bill Hicks

I mean really.
oh and are there no JFK threads for half of these posts?
And by the way, when compiling data for a radio show (or similar, for that matter) and "filling time on air", one could, conceivably, out of hours and hours (of our time, hehe) of airtime talking, could find themselves wrong a time or two. He may be wrong about the driver, or not. I haven't met the person who is right 100% of the time about 100% of all things.
That being said, Man I miss Bill (both mentioned in this post for that matter)!

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[quote=Jay Knowles;1062741] The fairy tale we are dealing with is the WC Fairy Tale. Nix shows Greer crossing his arm over to the right side of his body at the moment of JFKs execution. At the very least this film should arouse even a slight, fleeting, tiny curiosity that perhaps, maybe, possibly, Greer should have been handcuffed at Parkland, tried before a jury with a competent prosecutor, and swung on a rope for murder after being found guilty. The case against Greer, as presented here is solid as granite rock. If the rock is too hard for some people than perhaps its time to hear the WC Fairy Tale again and hit the pillow again as reality is becoming too challenging. Its OK ....the government prefers you this way.



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Theylive2012 wrote:that looks more like brylcreem than a gun

You would agree that the stink of gunpowder near the car would indicate a shot was fired near jfk, correct?

According to Gary Mack the wind was blowing about 15 mph (west to the east) into the motorcade. Greer's close range shot completely supports these awesome accounts of gunpowder right near the limo and debunks the fatal shot from being 265 feet behind (east of) the limo.

From "Murder From Within" on the gunpowder "nose witnesses:" The Smell of Gunpowder in Dealey Plaza - from "Murder From Within" Wind Speed & Direction - JFK Assassination Debate - The Education Forum

***Motorcycle escort officer Billy J. Martin, riding one-half car length from the left rear fender of the Presidential limousine, recalled, “You could smell the gunpowder… you knew he wasn’t far away. When you’re that close, you can smell the powder burning. Why you—you’ve got to be pretty close to themyou could smell the gunpowder… right there in the street.”63 (Figure 3-7) “Nose” witnesses Sen. Ralph Yarborough rode in the second car behind the limousine. He smelled gunpowder in the street64 and said it clung to the car throughout the race to Parkland Hospital.65 He later commented, “. . . you don’t smell gunpowder unless you’re shooting at something up wind and it blows it back in your face…”65-a As noted, the motorcade headed into a breeze—photographs show bystanders’ skirts billowing in the wind. At Parkland Hospital Yarborough told reporters “the third shot may have been a Secret Service man returning fire.65-b

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you gotta know HWBush was in on it and dulles all the usual suspects

the time of the haters is about to end even as they turn into
"killers gotta kill" the haters gonna hate until its too late.

when Jesus gonna Jeeze then the good 's gonna rise and the
evil is gonna die. then we are gonna have a fallen angel roast
and for desert we are gonna lock satan himself away for a thousand years

then we goona do this all over for the last time

haters gonna hate, good's gonna good
righteous is gonna make right
sombody has to die might as well be the best of us

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The driver pulled the trigger and the rest of it don't matter much. It was an inside job.

Here's the now infamous wink, back and to LBJ's right, just before being sworn in. The man to the left in the bowtie is Congressman Albert Thomas, winking at LBJ.


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Think your well out of order there Poondz , :hell: He was a rare breed of decent,honest,brave,kind family man that never gave up the fight to try and free us all , we all owe him so much. :pray:


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