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PostMon Feb 04, 2013 4:02 pm » by domdabears


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PostMon Feb 04, 2013 4:11 pm » by Yaok

I use to smoke my brains out, smoke cigs, snort and sell coke, drink, cheat on woman and more. At times I was under the perception that i felt good until i realized how pathetic I was and turned to God. I prayed for strength and received it and i quit all at once like it never happened. I remember the days of denial. I don't think smoking dope is a "bad" thing, but if you have a bad mind, it can assist in making things worse. Drinking is bad for the body. That is why it is called inTOXICation. I found the happiness i got was a false sense of security of my fears.

i was never one to get into drugs, but they sure got into me. Also, you are only an alcoholic if you go to meetings.

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just_the_flu wrote:Hi :D

I'm just_the_flu... im an alcoholic. i also smoke a bunch of weed....

im not condoling my actions, im promoting them... i probably have self control, i have a family, and a full time job... both are unaffected by my substance abuse issues... not to 'tute my own horn', but i have absolutely no reason to drink and smoke pot on a regular basis except for the fact... i like being fucked up.... i also do drugs.... oooohhhh... mind you i dont go looking for them, they find me.. and i like em... mushrooms especially... but i dont do drugs on a regular pattern... i actually havent done any drugs for a couple years tbh...

its probably not 'healthy' to drink liquor and smoke pot daily... but you know what... it makes me feel good :D it may be part of the total grand 'scheme' of things... but id rather experience it the way i do than sober.... why drive a pontiac when you can drive a bently???

.... my next quest is to get a hold of some DMT!!! :look: :rtft: :peep:

I relate to just about everything u just said. Cheers!

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PostThu Jun 27, 2013 12:53 am » by Toxic32

I do drugs big time. Only you may not recognise them. The last drug I overdosed on was my women. Problem was, it was my problem and not here's.

But I went through cold turkey if that's what they call it, and now I'm starting to heal. Ok it took me more than a year to fight off all the symptoms of being rejected. So I fell back on my old habit of creative thinking.

Wow and I really mean Wow. I rediscovered part of me that had been in hibernation. My brain nearly exploded with idea's, a log jam that I had ignored came crashing down on my head. I overdosed and fainted with the shear exhilaration of what I was experiencing. I was short of breath my heart was in over drive. All that without the need to use anything other than my brain.

I wish I could pass that experience onto anyone that would like to get high. If I could distil it and bottle it or smoke it I would make a fortune. But a lass I can't. But I can point you in the right direction and coach you if that's what you want. But be warned it's more addictive than heroin, crack, cigs, (well maybe not sex) but most other forms of loosing your self into a going no where world of deniable reality.
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