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PostWed Sep 03, 2008 9:27 pm » by Burgler

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PostThu Sep 04, 2008 7:25 am » by Vulcanic

truthsekr76 wrote:Alex Jones is a great American hero! I agree....the guy who started this thread must be a bush/mccain supporter. Or maybe he is just a drone for the redumbicans!! :top: :top: :top:


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PostThu Sep 04, 2008 12:58 pm » by Mystery207

Don't you worry your mine about this. The powers that be! Will put down any and all sorts of free speech. No matter what side Jones is on. Enjoy the rift while you can still complain. Maybe your pissed that he does not support the ufo alien theory :scary:

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PostThu Sep 04, 2008 1:34 pm » by Qiqiba

burgler wrote:seven years i've spent, looking for reason. i've found nothing. and i mean NOTHING!

Ekhm... Aren't you proving yourself wrong here, burgler? :wink:

burgler wrote: i see hoards of smart people flock to whatever spews from his mouth in the name of truth. but to get that truth you gotta pay see all the proof he has. i find that very disturbing that someone looking for truth would have to line his pockets to find it. i've said it before, and i'll say it again. PROVE ME WRONG!

Simple. I'm not an American. I've got a lot of useful info from Jones and never had to pay him even a penny, because what's in his archives is also available in other spaces for free. You go to pay him when you want to donate him, otherwise you just don't have to do this.

Period. Now, you prove me wrong.

burgler wrote: i'll give you one more example. pick three of his radio shows. any three you like. grab a pin and paper. take notes and you will find three things, problem, reaction, and solution. where have you heard that before?

Well, burgler, now you grab a pin and paper, and take notes any time your child is trying to convince you i.e. to buy him/her a cone of icecream... YOU WILL FIND THESE THREE THINGS: problem, reaction, solution. What does it prove?

That your child works secretly for NWO?! :o

No. That your child is a normal human being = THINKS and uses rethorics! :)

Not every behavioral model pointed out by David Icke (or any other real disinfo agent) must be necessary a NWO only tool. ;)

And finally:

the only thing quite clear about you is that you are in paranoic fear of Jews, Jesuits and Catholics (so is truthseeker). I still don't know why and I don't care, but have you noticed it looks kinda... religious?

Peace to the peaceful :D


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PostThu Sep 04, 2008 7:08 pm » by Truthseeker

your great leader bush is dum ure dum if you can not see that the people out there who are trying to inform you and otheres of the mess your leader as got you into ,even today dick the chaney as gone to georgia promising the idiot leader he can join nato and the eec if he lets them use his country for a retreat for second home owners from israiel and the pipe line must run freely so the oil can flow into the big american gas guzling cars out there,the bankrupt corporation of america owned by the city of london will soon be in such a mess ,if russia and china stop dealing in dollars usa will be just like pakistan a third world tin pot nuclear state people like ron paul alex jones ,jessie ventura ,and more out there need to be listened to ,if you listen to oriely and co on fox news then your doomed .
alex jones shouts yes he gets realy exited yes but ,if he didnt inform you and otheres will you take is place ,and walk in the danger of bieng killed by the corporation thugs out there ,
look what they did to the twin towers ,look what there doing bush and chaney should be in jail war criminals going around as if they own the world .there just like me and you ,so dont think there above the law of the land and the law of god if he exists ,
so alex shout shout ron paul for president :idea:

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PostThu Sep 04, 2008 7:22 pm » by Truthseeker

Georgia airfields earmarked for war on Iran

Press TV – September 3, 2008

Georgia permitted Israel to use two military airfields for 'a potential pre-emptive strike' against Iranian nuclear sites, a report says.

An Israeli F-16I

The revelation came after Georgia's offensive into South Ossetia in early August prompted Russia to march its Special Forces into the region, United Press International reported.

Russian Special Forces raided the airfields - in addition to other Israeli facilities in southern Georgia -, where Israeli drones were captured.

According to the report, Israel had used the airfields to 'conduct recon flights over southern Russia, as well as into nearby Iran'.

"A secret agreement between Georgia and Israel had earmarked two military airfields in the south of Georgia for use by Israeli fighter-bombers in a potential pre-emptive strike against Iran," read the report.

Tel Aviv has threatened to launch air strikes against Iranian nuclear installations under the pretext that Tehran, a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), has plans to develop nuclear weaponry.

This is while the UN nuclear watchdog has confirmed that Iran enriches uranium-235 to a level of 3.7 percent - a rate consistent with the construction of a nuclear power plant. Nuclear arms production requires an enrichment level of above 90 percent.

Iran currently suffers from electricity shortage and has been forced to adopt a rationing program by scheduling power outages - of up to two hours a day - across both urban and rural areas in the country.

In early June, Israel conducted a military maneuver over the eastern Mediterranean and Greece in preparation, according to Pentagon officials, for an aerial bombardment of Iranian nuclear facilities.

Over 100 Israeli F-16s and F-15s partook in the exercise, which spanned some 900 miles, roughly the distance between their airfields and a nuclear enrichment facility in the central Iranian city of Natanz.

"(The Georgian airfields) would sharply reduce the distance Israeli fighter-bombers would have to fly to hit targets in Iran," continued the report.

Israel, in return, has been providing Georgia's pro-Western government with considerable amounts of training and armament for its military.

Georgian Minister of Reintegration Temur Yakobashvili, an Israeli citizen, said on August 10 that Israeli efforts to strengthen the Georgian army caused Russia 'enormous damage'.

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili declared on August 13 that 'effective' Israeli weapons would ensure his country's success in the military conflict with Russia.


Also see:
Report: Israeli Bombers Planned to Use Georgian Airfields in Iran Strike

Death from the Skies

Russian analyst points to link between Georgian attack and Iran

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Last updated 04/09/2008


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PostThu Sep 04, 2008 7:28 pm » by Burgler

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PostThu Sep 04, 2008 11:09 pm » by Qiqiba

It's interesting, burgler, how much you want to sound like a "teacher", giving me some report card, and at the same time acting like a lonely Irish sheep looking in panic for the support of the herd:
burgler wrote: sorry moderator, but i'm gonna have to slam on this person . (i'm sure most won't mind)
on to other things. (unless truthseeker wants to chime in about you, i'm sure most won't mind about that as well)

Baaaaaaah, baaaaaaah - wasn't it you once already saying that? ;)

But "ad rem", as they say in this good, old Europe.

burgler wrote: i have shown fact after fact that proves my point and still no one of anybody here disproves my claims.
now that that is out of the way, i issue a challenge to you. give me one piece that WILL prove ALL the facts i have presented is wrong, and i'll stop bashing Jones. until then, zip it!

In one of your so-called "sources", titled "Alex Jones Exposed!
Audio Interview with Eric Phelps on "Cloak and Dagger" and much more... (Commented here by Wes Penre, Aug 17, 2007)"
on Illuminati News, where the authors say Alex Jones is a disinfo agent, Alex Jones is a Jesuit and so is Charlie Sheen, Alex Jones sells out to ABC, you can find - if you read carefully - such statement:

"Endnotes and References:

[i] Although there is much talking against Alex Jones, this article is still speculations, because we don't have the final evidence that he is a disinformation agent."

Have you noticed? Oups!

Actually, that kind of ednote sholud be put under all your "sources".

You haven't shown any fact, only speculations. That's why nobody disproves your claims. There's just nothing to disprove.

Well, if you like connecting non-existing dots, I've nothing against. Good luck. Maybe you gonna become a famous abstract artist or something. But bother me with that childish plays.

As to your 'challenge'... Read it again: it doesn't even make any sens. How on earth can one piece of proof discharge at once so many 'facts' you've presented? :? :lol:

One - ONE! - real source would make a real difference. ;)

Done. :flop:

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PostFri Sep 05, 2008 4:51 am » by maleman

Well, looks like Alex Jones will be getting a lot more listeners after this. There's an old saying "Even Bad Publicity Is Still Publicity".

Additionally, if Alex Jones is a disinfo agent, wouldn't that make people like Luke Rudowski and all of the folks around the world who are seeking to pull the onion layers away agents also?

Seems to me that the powers that be have been getting an ear-full over the past 5 years thanks to Alex Jones. Wouldn't people like David Rockefeller and Nancy Pelosi rather conduct their business without the scrutinization that they now face?

Why would an agent of disinformation urge people to get into local politics and effect change in their own communities. Wouldn't an agent of disinformation steer people back to their television sets, which are proven performers?

Well, that's enough from me. Please don't call me names or dissect this letter. I'm not attacking ANY of you out there.


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