Alex Jones Inside CNN Attack Piece

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PostMon Mar 29, 2010 5:54 pm » by Dtnelis

fucking amazing :clapper: :clapper:

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PostMon Mar 29, 2010 5:54 pm » by Drjones

ironshroom wrote:good shit on alex's part. kept his composure (till the end lol) and didn't give them anything to twist. i wonder if everyone at that network knows what they're doing or if they are genuinely in the dark and think hes a nut.

Listenin to alex just now,wow,he's just been amazingly refelctive,talking about sparrows nesting at his home and how they have been doing this for years,they land feet away from him and look at him approvingly because there is an element of universal trust there.
I'm like,wow...

Our 'controllers' want to sever our connection to this universal god force IMO.This is what EVERYTHING they do is really all about...

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PostWed Mar 31, 2010 2:52 am » by Illuminated

[youtube]gS4HrQ4CYZU&feature=related[/youtube] ... re=related

please watch ^
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