Alex Jones needs $ to ignore truth $500,000 money bomb

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PostFri Nov 04, 2011 8:35 am » by Illuminated

good info..on hemp

why you need to take away from it with the attack sideshow is curious, for views?

one could almost say you seem mad that he doesn't soley focus on hemp/ mj ..
all i know is you can't treat a sore throat let alone cancer if your doing 5 years for copyright infringement on youtube
or they find your hemp/ mj at one of those DHS road block checkpoints popping up..

Upload to

Upload to

Upload to

i'll agree he could focus on it more
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PostFri Nov 04, 2011 9:03 am » by Nakchopoe

myleso wrote:I guess your telling me you want me to present a very limited view of the universe in a documentary i made for FREE. I am sorry I have heard so many positive responses to my documentary for you to sum it up like that is a joke. I can sum up EVERY SINGLE documentary in the world even the best ones in ways you did to make it appear.

ouf! I'm sorry I've hurt your feelings mate, wasn't intended that way. I was just trying to explain (maybe in a simplified way) that a title like "Antimatter, the future is now" made me expect some way in which antimatter can be used right now at this moment to supply us with all the energy we need. And that was not what I encountered in the docu. I didn't say it was utter crap, I said it was an interesting video in my opinion, but just not what I expected (with that title).

myleso wrote:I will be making even more documentaries and short documentaries about whatever I feel like it I could care less what some children think of my free work to share hidden truth not presented to anybody. The omish don't use Teslas technology just like how people will make new communities like the omish who want to remain on earth and use technology but just not in space. I don't know for sure but it sure sounds like to me there is a religion that earth is like a god. :lol: cant worship other gods (visit other planets)


I will be making several other documentaries in 2012, getting into more detail of space settlements/asteroid colonies and mining if you like it or not. I am not hiding who I am. I am showing the world what I am made of like Tesla(so does everybody!) and every other scientist screw what people think of me.

Please continue, I'd love to see more :)

myleso wrote:There is more science about antimatter but i wanted to present the simple INTRODUCTORY science to the UNEDUCATED individuals and there are plenty! But I was 1: rushed to make the documentary because of collapse propaganda i was unsure about (now i see it is mind control) and 2: working with maxed out bandwidth could not download anything else (add more to the documentary)

I can show evidence people ALREADY want me to DUMB down my antimatter documentary for "us mortals" as the poster said. I am right in what im doing. If nobody else makes a better one next year ill make a more complex documentary including physics for the educated viewer. Children can learn this stuff why can't grown ups? :lol:

Well, it was indeed a good introduction, but why don't you call it something like "Antimatter and sustainable energy, a brief introduction"?
It would state what you were showing and it would explain the part about hemp. :flop:

Of course, you are free to call your FREE documentaries anything you like, but please let us be free to comment on it too...

myleso wrote:To not include hemp would be creating an unsustainable civilization. You can sure try to ignore hemp but WHY FIGHT NATURE?

I fully agree!


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PostTue Nov 08, 2011 11:03 am » by Solsunforge

I found this page surfing the net and decided to make an account just to dispute your nonsense. You may have a good head on your shoulders but your thoughts are very sporadic and a lot is nonsense but I will still reply. I have been listening to Alex for 5 years now and I can personaly tell you that I have looked up everything he or his guests have said and have found evidence to substantiate roughly 90% of it. If I didnt count his guests and just alex it would be around 98%. Alex has covered everything you are trying to attempt to say he has not covered. He has attacked haliburton on numerous cases he has said bush chaney and obama should be tried for treason and for war crimes. He has mentioned obama and hilliary clinton attending bilderberg and is in fact covered in one of his excellent documentaries. He has covered legalizing marijuana numerous times. For you to try and attack alex for needing money to fund his operation is pityful and ridiculous. He has to pay for his employees he has to pay for the airfare to go to all of these places to protest and for all his employees to cover the G-20 in pittsburgh or to go to switzerland to cover bilderberg all of which costs lots of money. He has over 40 employees so 500,000 isnt much. His documentaries can be purchased but he goes out of his way to tell you they are free on youtube and elsewhere. What more could you want from this guy. You sound like someone who is a bit upset at alex for getting a lot of attention in the alternate media genre.


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