Alex Jones threatened

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PostWed Mar 11, 2009 12:37 pm » by Pindz

dewkdogg wrote:He's too much a man

ALEX THE REAL MAN !! :rtft: :clapper: :mrcool:

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PostWed Mar 11, 2009 2:00 pm » by Truthsekr76

I like Alex Jones...and have always took his word for everything......but.....after this little "performance", I have to question everything he is about! I love how he makes sure to tell us how we can get the high quality version for a few $$$......and lets not forget to buy our NWO T-shirts for $29.99 plus shipping. All this NWO hype is starting to sound like some money making scam.....just like the whole 2012 doomsday prediction. Its getting harder and harder every day to take all these conspiracy theories serious anymore...Im starting to think its all a bunch of.... :bullshit:

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PostThu Mar 12, 2009 4:51 am » by Dirtyrabbit


they said it will replay after its done
spread it like wild fire!

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PostThu Mar 12, 2009 4:57 am » by Crunchy

im on the 12 part version
uploading now
here is the playlist link from youtube ... playnext=1

Upload to

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PostThu Mar 12, 2009 7:34 am » by Ayaflash

just finished watching the movie.thanks alot for the link :clapper: this was an amazing film...i hope to god we all survive this mess they have created, especially u Americans will have a ruff time ahead for sure :shooting: buy guns, stop paying taxes,prepare for war :nwo:.. if they want you to riot they will get it and i think they will loose.they think they will win for sure but i feel the people will wake up before its to late and it will blow up in their will get nasty but in the end they will feel our LOVE for freedom our brothers and mother Earth.nothing can defeat LOVE. spread the truth people!!we are THE ONE(s) :hugging: they are NOT :twisted: !!these times ahead will confirm that. :shooting: :shooting: :nwo: _peace_-Aya-
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PostThu Mar 12, 2009 1:06 pm » by Drjones

Well i too have just finished watching "The Obama Deception" and i have to say i was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED WITH IT :oops: ....Having said that i still think it is ESSENTIAL VIEWING and not for just americans. :flop:
I was disappointed as there was little actually in this documentary about OBAMA other than the fact that he is a puppet,like all the other presidents,oookaaay but we knew that :oops: .The vast majority of this documentary focuses on the "Ruling elite"..okaay...?...But it does'nt nearly focus ENOUGH of Rahm Emaunuel or Rockefeller etc etc...The obama deception does'nt being anything NEW to the table for me at all and if you have seen Endgame blueprint for global enslavement then i just thought that this was pretty much the same deal here,just not as good :oops: .I would have liked to have seen more footage on Alex attending Bilderberg 2008 you in endgame :lol:
Well i personally was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS...i was really looking forward to blockbuster revelations about Obama,the facts that he may not be even American :?: ,his cocaine binges etc...NOTHING about that at all,in fact Obama himself in hardly even in this documentary. :headscratch:
I don't doubt that the new world order is REAL but i think Alex is cashing in on this more than he should be with the whole thing... :hmmm:

Like i say this is essential viewing as the american people need to somehow STOP these foreign bankers from taking over the world,their arrogance will be their downfall..

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PostThu Mar 12, 2009 1:54 pm » by Drextin

I like AJ's site for it's paranoia and if the guy really believed the shit he spews I'd cut him some slack. But you don't save the world through capitalism.

If you believed you had figured out some sinister plot that would destroy the world as you know you would not get the word out by selling it. Remember it's his world too. If he was that worried he wouldn't wait around for a few here and a few there to buy his products because then it would be too late. That would be like someone catching on to what Hitler was doing and offering to save the Jewish race by selling t-shirts.
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PostThu Mar 12, 2009 2:05 pm » by Dirtyrabbit

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PostThu Mar 12, 2009 2:25 pm » by Hybridalienrob

Good video Alex, i agree with the other posters, there wasn't really anything new in the vid, i still think it's a good 'overview' of the real criminals behind him & their agenda, but i still don't see any viable solutions. It's all very well saying "no to the NWO", but how am i actually supposed to do this in a practical sense ?

There's little point in demonstrations, they're either ignored by the media & politicians or hi-jacked by the secret services into becoming violent, defeating their peacefull objectives along the way. All that's going to do is get you locked up in a FEMA camp quicker, although i'm glad i live in the UK, where we dont even have enough capacity for the real criminals, never mind NWO dissidents.

What's the solution - anyone ??? :help:
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PostThu Mar 12, 2009 2:53 pm » by Sonicattack

The video is OK as long as you never heard of this before. My objection to all this is that it's too basic and simplistic, anyone that has seen Adam Curtis's Century of the Self or What happened to our Dreams of Freedom will understand what I mean.

It lacks the intellectual depth to fortify its claims, AJ is good at talk show radio, but he lacks a bit in narrative. And I think that this is because this film was done in a rush and that the whole thing was a one man show.


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