Alien Bob as from Roswell plus UFO video

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The autobiography of olaf Jenson and his journey to the inner earth.

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cosmine wrote:
I don't expect better from you zaff!
No surprise no one wants to share their experience.
You don't have to believe me of course and i don't care.

Your story is no different from the hundreds of millions of reports from people the world over. This is not the sort of story you make up and put out there for compliments and praise, it gets you slammed, ridiculed and labelled crazy (though I'm surprised to see that on here). Humans by nature do not relay stories like this unless it either really happened or they adamantly think it happened. Then going forward is hard for fear of ridicule because of the nature of the topic.. moreso in adults. This is a real phenomenon no question, even if it's some sort of global phenomenon or illusion, it is real, not sure what it is but it is something rather nothing.

Thanks for putting your story out there. Yes the robotic looking greys are supposedly robotic or synthetic which explains their mechanical movements. This is very common all across the world in abduction event stories going back decades.


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