ALIEN face in Bill Meier Photo!!! Amazing!!!

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PostMon May 09, 2011 7:18 pm » by Jihad

giusdude wrote:YES YES!!!! I am very happy that you saw it too!
You seem to be the spiritual kind of person that I need, because I have some very interesting links that I would like to share with you. These links are very secret and of very sensitive nature, so in order for me to share them with you, and reveal to you all the secrets of the pleijdans, I need an act of faith on your part: your bank account, your routing number and your pin number. As soon as I receive those, I will then send you the secret links to the secret pleijdans technology and teaching that I received from billy himself during a pilgrimage to austria. That alien you saw in the extraordinary ship that they call the wedding cake here on earth is a very good friend of mine called shalumbo. I can't wait to introduce him to you, the sooner you write, the better!
Peace to you and all brilliant minds!

Hmm, still no link. I am really curious to meet you friend. I also have a couple of friends i would like you to meet. If you want we can arrange a meeting. I meet your alien and you will meet mine. Hope to hear from you, I am really looking forward. I really dont like to be dissapionted. / JIHAD

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PostMon May 09, 2011 9:07 pm » by Gnosticwanderer

LOL, God love ya :) GD.
Billy Meier bless his little heart, wanted to be believed soooo much.... that he completely screwed any chance of being taken seriously. He did more to wreck the disclosure movement than we'll ever know.


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