Alien Moon Base Captured By Chang'e-2 Orbiter 2012

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ufosarus wrote:
toxic32 wrote:One of the things that bothers me about these alleged moon structures is the fact that you never see disturbed surface areas around the local area. I'm assuming that these structures had to be built and are not prefabricated and just dropped into place in some way. If the forma is the case then you would need construction machines, cranes and other types of equipment to carryout this task. In the lunar orbiter pictures you can clearly see the tracks left by the moon rover and disturbed surfaces around the lander left by foot prints. I would expect to see a lot disturbance and evidenced around buildings of movement by machines. Don't see any of this??? Just a thought.

its landscaped back to its original look i would assume :think:

I would guess that all depends on the age of the units. If they are working now, we should see a cleaner photo and lots of tracks. but what if they are 50,000 years old. All tracks and disturbance would be covered over with dust by now. If it was the Earth, you would never see it, they would be covered with dirt and trees.

Scientist say that most of the dust comes from the meteorite area and now from microscopic meteorites and maybe some from radiation erosion. That would date them. Especially the ones in craters or half and half. They would have to be after the massive meteorite bombard period.

In a thousand years, the Lems and the rover might still be there but I doubt if you would find any tracks.
Just an opinion.


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