Alien statue In "Crater of Clues" on MARS?

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PostThu Aug 06, 2009 12:36 am » by Taymour

taymour wrote:I want to submit to your attention this strange anomalous Rocks that were found in the
Endurance Crater on Mars.
MER Opportunity - Endurance Crater or "Crater of Clues" as NASA called it. ... 0506a.html

An Alien Broken Statues in 3?
Obviously mine is only a speculation about these oddities.
It would be necessary that expert analysts verify this anomalous Rock carefully.
However it appears indeed intriguer because in the vicinities of the “body rock” there are
two interesting others clues

Why NASA call this anonymous crater “CRATER OF CLUES”?

May Be for This ..........?


Near the "body" rock there is this other: THE CHEST?

And on a near cliff this one, in horizontal way: THE HEAD?

The first rock, seems really a body folded on a side, but is caught the curve of the shoulder, a feature of the neck and the right arm.

Rotate this second rocks and it seems like a Chest...


Rotate the third roks and it's look like an Alien HEAD...

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PostThu Aug 06, 2009 12:39 am » by Darrylmckay

LowSix wrote:@ Darryl..
Nope this aint wolfs thread,
so it would be safe to assume
this one is specifically for Taymore

Good one six, love the wolf man, dont see what he sees, but love it all the same.
I will respect your beliefs*, I will research your beliefs, but dont expect me to believe.
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PostThu Aug 06, 2009 12:51 am » by TheDuck

Interesting I wouldn't jump for joy but the parts could match I suppose and if it was some sort of metal robot that was there for 100's of years then I suppose it would turn the same colour as the rock.. - Premium E-liquid

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PostThu Aug 06, 2009 1:22 am » by Taymour

@ theduck
I do not know which material it is made this strange thing.
It seems rock and it seems to have humanoid features.
“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”
Sir Winston Churchill

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PostThu Aug 06, 2009 1:27 am » by TheDuck

But if it was metal hundreds of years ago it may have oxidised and got covered in dust.. so it would look rocky from a distance.. - Premium E-liquid

"The Truth Cannot Be Told... It Must Be Realized"

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PostThu Aug 06, 2009 1:27 am » by Lowsix


warløckmitbladderinfection wrote:blasphemous new gehenna inhabitant makes god sad...

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PostThu Aug 06, 2009 1:56 am » by Merlin5051

The pics are always clear until they find something!

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PostThu Aug 06, 2009 1:58 am » by Mep630

I dont see it either sorry, but I never got any of these rock images people look at, so...

But that being said I see no reason to be mean to the guy(lowsix), you never know, he could be right...

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PostThu Aug 06, 2009 2:11 am » by Lowsix

Youd need to see the whole exchange between us to determine if "im being mean" to him.

As usual, i supplied a VERy well thought out, balanced and FACT filled refutation to an image popularly used to show proof of civilisation, complete with technical data on Stereoscopic imaging, that particular camera, and the extrememly high Compression logarithm it uses for the color channel when renering "Stereoscopic MODELS" of landscapes..again, highlighting that models are 1. not photos, and 2. the things he was calling Civilization were JPG artifacts in the COLOR channel of the model process.

and there wasnt a single insult, patronizing statement, callout, or insinuation in the entire post..

and his reply is this fucking Disinfo nonsense..claiming i was attacking him..well boo fuckin hoo, at THIS point..i left it all to facts..and they just cant handle hving their wonder snatched away. Thats not my problem if they dont know or care how shit works or what they are seeing really is. I cant explain it for everything, but if i speak up, i can certainly address the example i have in front of me that That moment..

Scerw him, hes an uneducated clown RUINING what should be a relevant and sane process, so that at some point we get disclosure.

They wont take us serious if they see us going..YAY ROCKS! STATUES, ANIMALS, CREATURES, BUILDINGs..when there are none of the above anywhere to be found.

They will ust say..O look..loons calling rocks... Buildings..

I was cool till he started his bs..

LowSix wrote:OK, i WAS wrong..these are stereoscopic images..(which by the way are NOT the same as photos) with an ONBOARD JPEG COMPRESSION ALGORITHM.

This is still not a photograph, its is a representational MODEL created from stereoscopic images. HUGE difference between that and a photo. Here is the difference: post #44 ... ted-2.html

"Not only are most images JPEG compressed before transmission to Earth...this is not a photo. It is a height field generated from an overhead photo and ground ranging data, hence it being a side view of a square plot of land with edges that follow the terrain. So you have the JPEG compression of the image map (and possibly of the height data itself), the tessellation artifacts of the height field, and more JPEG artifacts not aligned with the artifacts on the image map. This is why some of the same artifacts appear in two "perspective views"...those views are synthesized from the same artifact-ridden data.

There's a few more tell-tales of it being a height field, especially in the close-up view. Looking at peaks and edges, there is some geometry that is clearly represented and other geometry with fuzzy detail. Mountains have sharp peaks and sides, and blurry surfaces. There's also shading from the original image that is not seen in the geometry of the surface it is mapped onto. And that isn't a hoax either, it's just one of the things stereo imaging is useful for...though the nature of the image certainly should have been noted more clearly."

The following paragraph is the VERY important part.
It doesnt matter so much that YOU may not understand them.


Its what i do for a im not insulting you giving you accurate information.

What its saying is that in phases that camera will employ a HIGH compression ratio..
The purpose is that there are two lenses operating...A high resolution lens and a low resolution lens. Now, in cases where there are flat or low lying areas, providing LOW contrast (ie no harsh mountain shadows or whatever)..the compression will be higher. Things that effect LOW contrast areas like the plains there , are dust, fog, and slight varienaces in CONTRAST or what you are seeing is the COLOR imagry coming off the LOW RESOLUTION CAMERA, being applied in real time with the HIGH RESOLUTION topographical imaging.. There is still a MODEL being created, not a photograph, and the color field of the low resolution portion is EXTREMELY COMPRESSED...

And the result is that the COLOR file of the paired files (hi/low) resolution..are HIGHLY compressed) there is jpg artifacting in the COLOR CHANNEL ONLY..not the topographical channel..

So there.. I have to admit, i was wrong, its not a rendering from a 3D app, its a model created in real time from a set of height data paired with a set of color data.....those are JPEG artifacts..

Here is the link, since you wont believe me, but you wont read this either, and again, i dont care..someone will and theyll know im speaking the truth..

Here is an example of what is occuring in the COLOR CHANNEL ONLY:
and then that color channel is applied OVER the high res black and white topographical channel.

Now read the first paragraph on PAGE 8 please..
In case you wont read that, i highlighted the important stuff..
I know they couldnt publish all this on twitter, but too bad if people dont like to read. I do..its how i learn shit..(sometimes i learn that im wrong)
And i was wrong here, to a point, but realized that it was jpg artifacting all along..

The data are compressed on-board on-line by JPEG-
based discrete cosine transform
(DCT) compression with
average compression factors of 4–40 and with throughput
rates of up to 450 lines per second in four parallel signal
chains (each serving a few of the nine CCD lines).
Bypassing of the compression is possible. The compression
factor cannot be selected directly but is controlled by a
quality factor. Therefore compression is dependent on
texture, macro-pixel format and illumination conditions.
Increased compression rates are also typically encountered
in cases of high atmospheric optical depth as a result of
dust and haze. The corresponding loss of surface contrast
due to the increase in atmospheric light scattering can lead
to significant reductions in the local dynamic range,

increasing the compression rates. This phenomenon cannot
be exactly predicted. High compression ratios may affect
images by increasing the 8
8 pixel compression block
pattern in low contrast areas of the image.

Then when youre done, read the entire thread from BEGINNING TO END..and not just the fun parts.. look at all the images, and listen to all of the experts..most are associated with the fields in question, and they are even more reliable than I am.

The poster BILLY G..thinks JUST LIKE YOU, and by the end, he FINALLY understands, and apologizes for coming in to a forum FULL of experts and acting like an ass...But im guessing that didnt last long becuase it looks like hes banned. Be glad we dont do that here. ... sited.html
warløckmitbladderinfection wrote:blasphemous new gehenna inhabitant makes god sad...

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PostThu Aug 06, 2009 2:20 am » by Realorfake

LowSix wrote:
This is why:

Scientists are eager to explore Endurance for clues to the red planet's history. The crater's exposed walls provide a window to what lies beneath the surface of Mars and thus what geologic processes occurred there in the past. While recent studies of the smaller crater nicknamed "Eagle" revealed an evaporating body of salty water, that crater was not deep enough to indicate what came before the water. Endurance may be able to help answer this question, but the challenge is getting to the scientific targets: most of the crater's rocks are embedded in vertical cliffs.

See that?
Clues about geological processes....
Not Clues about mysterious statues that look nothing like statues..


I would imagine they would say nothing different than this, and it will always be the case. It's always going to be a 'said' logical reason for exploration of anything off of this planet.

Sure you can use it to supplement your argument, but is this truly why we're studying the crater? Sounds like same ol run of the mill fodder for us sheep.
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