Aliens And Evil Places

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There are place on Earth Humans must not go. There are places considered Evil and Dangerous. Many natives have stories of Places were Men must not go like Mountains that are Cursed. Places were people go and never return. There are places in Japan close to Mount Fuji called Suicide Forest where People who are in their last rope of hope end their lives because they don't like living in this world, a World they see as Evil.

Also there was a Russian Mountain Climbing Crew that Climbed a Cursed Mountain in Russia were there was a Warning that he who climbs this Specific Mountain will face Death.
The Russian Mountain Climbing Crew went anyways and was attacked by Alien Grey Hostiles , the Whole Russain Mountain Climbing Crew was Melted with Advanced Laser Technologies, they did have a chance in hell of suriving the Alien Assault. Russain Government Covered up the Whole Incident.

Also in Australia there is a Mound that is inhabited by a Large Serpent that eats people that dare enter it's lair.

Watch and see for yourself the Awsome Reality that you live in, a Reality of Hotile Aliens, a Reality of Stargate Portals to other Relms and places where Humanity must not go if they want to remain alive.
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PostMon Oct 03, 2011 12:28 am » by Ishumble

Thank You this was a great post.

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PostMon Oct 03, 2011 1:01 am » by Anubis

I want humanity to survive , because knowledge is power.
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@ Anubis, your link has a nasty virus attached to it. Thanks.

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calligraphy1019 wrote:@ Anubis, your link has a nasty virus attached to it. Thanks.

So does some of the newstories links on the home page of DTV (redirects you to download a video codec). So he fits right in with the unscrupulous DTV.
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Been past Black Rock mountain near Cooktown and its also known as a place to rid bodies in.
Place body under an area where a stick or 2 of gelli will cover the body with the tonnes of boulders from above on this strange steep hill.
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PostFri Oct 07, 2011 6:45 am » by Garciaface

There are a great many places like this in South America, where the Vril, or Tall Whites, or people like those depicted in the film "Knowing" live. David Hatcher Childress tells a story where people who encountered the Vril in the Andes Mountains disappeared, or encountered time/location/displacement events. I don’t know too many places like that in America, except for Area 51...

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