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I found this. This is a translated version, so the language is off a little. The meaning, however, is very clear. lol

Presenter: Jose Gaviria Covers Year: 1970 This chapter was censored by the Spanish government during the seventies. The video is very interesting to watch especially the unpublished photographs that shows the presenter, is divided into two parts and is in Spanish with English subtitles. The origin of the video is intriguing. not exist or have not found information about the program "Al Otro Lado", issued in those times in Spanish television.
The presenter, Gavidia Jose Abarca, Facebook profile and is still working. (Fun Fact)
And if they see the end credits ...
The aide, Adolfo Plasencia ... Is it the same expert in social networks and Web 2.0? (Another curious
Responsible for assembling film, Master Ruben Casana ... Is the voice actor Ruben "Master" Casana?
The production assistant, Sergio Lara ... Is Re4nimation, the expert in animation?
And Fran JSC is charged with making of the video ... Do you also an expert in animation?
Some believe it is viral advertising, intended for an upcoming science fiction film. Others, that the images are real.

Some blogs and alternative forums have "crushed" to believe almost anything that contradicts any official version. Taking advantage of the presenter of the videos have profile facebook I contacted him and asked him if he was the host of the video in question. Your answer is most illuminating:

Hello Chema! Yes. I'm the host of "The Far Side", but I am more than that: the PRESENTER. I am not the author. As I see that has attracted a lot of opinions and assumptions, I hasten to clarify that fantasy is a program prepared for a contest of alternative cinema. I have no idea who has entered the network, but I reiterate that, although developed on some data that give genuine appearance of truth, is but a fantasy. Something like the novels of Jules Verne or the adventures of Batman. Obviously the film was edited a few months ago. If I had presented at the 40 or 50 it is clear that adding the "setentaytantos" years that I represent (and true), 60 passed, would now have 70 + 60 = 130 years and my body would be feeding the grass underground. For your peace of mind, I assure you I'm alive and excelete joy of health. However, there is a curious phenomenon. It shows that people believe it all, if told with a straight face, I believe without stopping to think things through or to apply the most elementary logic. We need to believe in extraordinary things and wild to escape the ordinary. We do not believe in gods, but we worship the new gods are called Messi and Maradona, we believe in witches or wizards sloppy show. We do not believe in heaven, but if Martians, Selenite, Uranian, and other trifles Plutonian tell us. We do not care a damn or what happens to your neighbor or your partner, but we are very interested what happens to the Belen Esteban or "Campa" or Marilyn Monroe .. etc. etc. .. Curious World! Greetings. On Sat 25/02/12 11:28, "Facebook"

Wow! I've never encountered a hoax like this one, before. He had such a trustworthy face, and I thought- at least- that the program was period authentic. I did learn a few things, new, but Boy, do I feel like a schmo.
:oops: :roll:

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