all seeing eye on disclose top left

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PostThu Jul 01, 2010 3:39 am » by whitedeath

Sorry black , I meant just in terms of if they are present on sites such as these or not.
Of course in the bigger , real world sense yes I don't much like biting my tongue & playing their game on a daily basis .

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PostSun Jul 04, 2010 3:07 am » by Eyajwhynsos

I'll help you out black,


I want the eye removed, and any one saying it's "just an eye" has no understanding of symbolism and subtle messages the fact that it is in the address box as I am typing this means it effects my subconscious more then my conscious. Real simple you are always being watched and on a web page that talks about the iluminati and how they supposedly control the world and use symbolism to illustrate this, what a big slap in the face that is even if it isn't intentional....

yes or no should the EYE go....
it's just a vote people?

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PostSun Jul 04, 2010 4:11 am » by Willease


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PostSun Jul 04, 2010 4:29 am » by Spock

aladin wrote:
drabbit wrote:aladin why you arguing so much why aren't yah posting in the sun thread any more

oh , ich streike ! = NO CONTRIBUTION = (... pause von )

ALADIN wrote:
disclosetv wrote:
And even more impressing the number of members contributing to the stellar performance of increased from 17,000 in December 2008 to over 37,000 as of today.

"increased from 17,000 in December 2008 to over 37,000"

ha ha ha ha ha

... delete the far over 14,000 automatically generated pseudo-member!
... lösche die weit über 14.000 automatisch generierten pseudo-member !


pause von

nein - ich bin nicht in urlaub - ich habe die schnauze voll !

seit dieser unsäglichen programm"erweiterung" (mit in.getclicky und anderen ) habe ich keinen spaß mehr an D.TV.

mein pc stürzt häufig ganz ab, ich muß dann neu booten und trotzdem kann ich die threads bei dtv nicht mehr normal sehen wie vor der letzten erweiterung ....

jedenfalls dauert es nur bei den dtv threads über eine volle minute, bis sämtliche ladevorgänge des firefox durchgeführt sind.

in dieser zeit bleibt das fenster in top position - und wenn ich herunterscrolle, dann wird der fensterinhalt durch den nächsten (ads) ladevorgang automatisch wieder nach oben gescrollt - in dieser zeit ist lesen unmöglich !

das nervt fürchterlich - und ich habe deshalb keinen bock mehr auf die neue technik/software bei dtv !

ALLE anderen Seiten aus dem net werden hier immer korrekt dargestellt
- nur eben die threads von dtv nicht mehr - und das ist erst so seit dieser änderung ...

im IE wirken sich diese fehler nicht aus - aber unter IE kann ich keine flash mehr sehen (das liegt an meinem WIN98)


pause of

No - I'm not in holidays - I have a snout full!

since that unspeakable program "extension" (with in.getclicky and others) I have fun no more D.TV.

my pc crashes often quite down, I must then reboot and still I can see the threads at no more dtv normal as before the last expansion ....

in any case it only takes a minute for the dtv threads on a full, up loading operations are carried out all of the firefox.

during this time the window remains in top position - and when I scroll down, then the window contents by the next (ads) charge is automatically scrolled to the top - is impossible to read during this time !

this terribly annoying - and I have therefore no more bock to the new technology / software with dtv !

ALL other sites on the net are presented here always correct
- Just the threads of dtv not more - and this is only so since this change ...

in IE not do these errors - but in IE I can not see more flash (which is on my WIN98)


:look: post261993.html#p261993 :rtft:

Aladin - you really need to upgrade your shit.

I understand you are an old Windows user, but run out and get a Mac laptop or iMac desktop. Keep your other piece of shit computer running a dilapidated Operating system skin, for all you old files, but for the love of Gd, if you're going to be active, get something a bit more efficient and you will be MUCH happier and won't run into all these problems you blame on DTV, when the problem is the piece of shit you are typing from.

MAC. Simple. It will lower your blood pressure too. Make you run faster and jump higher. And - your daddy will be able to beat someone else's daddy up.
Around conservatives I sound like a liberal, and around liberals I sound like a conservative.

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PostSun Jul 04, 2010 6:04 am » by Gesuskhrist

you people talking about the eye are fucking idiots....duh wonder why its there...ummm....lemme twats get a life and get out of your moms basement...its a conspiracy forum that's why its other reason you twats now try and find a conspiracy in everything....go lick balls


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