Allen West to Heckler: “You’re Not Going to Intimidate Me”

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PostWed Apr 27, 2011 6:15 pm » by domdabears

First off. I know many in the Right-Wing universe love to post videos like this when a Democrat is on stage on the other end of this sort of treatment to demonstrate that “people are frustrated”, or “even his supporters have turned on him”, or whatever. What I’m saying is “we’re” probably no better than the Lefty sites running this clip today as evidence of some great Lefty uprising. What I’m not saying is that I like, appreciate, or even respect this kind of behavior. It’s shameful; childish. This is not a demonstration of one’s First Amendment Right to Free Speech. It’s acting like an asshole. Period.

Either way, Congressman West handled himself very well in dealing with the outbursts showing the audience, and now the Lefty world since they will be running it, that Allen West isn’t going anywhere and he won’t be “intimidated” by a group of heckling misfits.

SHARK TANK: Immediately after Allen West took the stage at his Town Hall meeting on Tuesday Evening in Fort Lauderdale, several hecklers who were planted in the crowd began to jeer and interrupt his remarks, forcing West to pause several times and then continue once the crowd calmed down. Police were ultimately forced to removed one of the hecklers from the event. When the hecklers refused to stop their harassment, West stated, “You’re not going to intimidate me.” ... te_Me.html

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