Almost ALL governments DELIBERATELY DESTROYING their peopl

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Unprecedented in History, like everything else yet more END TIME evidence:
Almost ALL world "govs" are DELIBERATELY working overtime to DESTROY their own people

For a start, the Israel "gov": doing to the Jews EXACTLY the same as Hitler did.

Only difference: now we are still at the stage where Hitler promised that he would get rid of the Jews, not yet at the stage where Hitler was gassing the Jews.

Note that accordingly to their illuminati religion, both Hitler and the israeli gov openly tell to the Jews that they are going to the gas chambers.
The only difference: now the audience needs to add 1+1, a task that human beasts are no longer able to perform.

Latest act proving it:
Shortly after Assad confesses that he has an arsenal of chemical weapons, he adds: "We have weapons that can blind Israel in seconds".
The treasonous Israeli government "reaction": Likud Minister does not have "full faith" in Russian proposal, but says it has potential to end tragedy in Syria, threat to Israel.
Jewish Traitors: Silence or even Optimism about ... the destruction of Israel.

2010 - Russia, the main force behind the Soviet Union, that inflicted the greatest defeat EVER to the illuminati in 1943 at Stalingrad, becomes the last country added to the list:
From "Roles of imposter impersonating Putin since late 2010" (google it):
5. Role of destroying Russia from the inside finishing the job of the economic hit men known as the "reformers" of the nineties (Gaider & Co) before angelic Putin became prime minister, July 1999.

Greece, Cyprus
Two milestones for pushing treason to new limits.
The 2010 coup: Putin and wife killed and replaced by doubles. That's why the illuminati had no problems
- launching the operation named in the illuminati joke format "SOVEREIGN DEBT" or "Troika rules you" in Greece;
- passing to the confiscation phase first in Cyprus.
Both Greece and Cyprus are linked with Russia by orthodox christianity but before the Putin coup both were already controlled, using illuminati agents as EU state governors alias "prime-ministers".

Portugal came second to Greece as far as the "Troika rules you" milestone for high treason.
But the portuguese traitors still can claim to have been used to bring treason to new highs, setting milestones in the "Foreigners own you" agenda.
Latest acts: "privatizing" water supply and the postal service.
But it was the "sale to China" of the state energy supplier EDP that set the ultimate milestone for this agenda.

2013: Fighting Hamas terrorists: Contrast Egypt patriotic government with treasonous Israel government.
Jewish Traitors: Optimism or Silence about ... the destruction of Israel. ... 373653/pg1

2013 Nobel Peace Prize script: Celebration of agenda ACCEPTANCE of GASSING the revolting population in WW3.
The only real candidates:
Fake Putin in the role of officially arming Assad and the Organisation for the "Prohibition" of Chemical Weapons in the role of praising Assad. ... 372363/pg1

Greece, Cyprus
Sovereign Debt HOAX and Deposits and Pension Funds confiscation: PUTIN replaced by imposter ** KEY ** to WHY start 2011 in Greece 2013 in Cyprus ... 376212/pg1

"Foreigners own you" pushed to the limits with "Communist China owns you":

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