Amazing Facts About The Great Pyramid Of Giza

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PostMon Mar 01, 2010 4:59 am » by Savwafair2012

The Great Pyramid is the most remarkable building in existence on the face of our planet today. It was built with such precision that our current technology cannot replicate it. This pyramid is so precisely constructed that until recently (with the advent of laser measuring equipment) scientists were not able to discover some of its subtle symmetries (not to mention duplicate them). Among other aspects, there are also very exact geometric relationships between all the structures in the pyramid complex at Giza. ... amid04.jpg

It is facts such as these that should raise questions as to the commonly accepted (and mostly mistaken) interpretations of its purpose, history and construction, as well as the history of our society (and especially the so-called 'pre-history' of mankind). There are many answers out there, all you have to do is look.

Here are some facts that have recently been re-discovered about this structure...


The pyramid is estimated to have about 2,300,000 stone blocks weighing from 2-30 Tons each with some weighing as much as 70 tons.

There is so much stone mass in the pyramid that the interior temperature is constant and equals the average temperature of the earth, 20 Degrees Celsius (68 Degrees Fahrenheit).

Two types of limestone were used for construction. A soft limestone either pure or nummulitic was used for the bulk of the core blocks and a hard white limestone for the mantle. Hard limestone becomes more polished with age.

The base of the pyramid covers 55,000m2 (592,000 ft2) with each side greater than 20,000m2 (218,000 ft2) in area.

The outer mantle was composed of 144,000 casing stones, all highly polished and flat to an accuracy of 1/100th of an inch, about 100 inches thick and weighing about 15 tons each.

The average casing stone on the lowest level was 5 ft. long by 5 ft. high by 6 ft. deep and weighed 15 tons.

The mortar used is of an unknown origin. It has been analyzed and its chemical composition is known but it can't be reproduced. It is stronger than the stone and still holding up today.

The cornerstone foundations of the pyramid have ball and socket construction capable of dealing with heat expansion and earthquakes.

There are no hieroglyphics or writing in the Great Pyramid.

With the mantle in place, the Great Pyramid could be seen from the mountains in Israel and probably the moon as well.

Its polished surfaces would have reflected light like a beacon.

Aligned True North: The Great Pyramid is the most accurately aligned structure in existence and faces true north with only 3/60th of a degree of error. The position of the North Pole moves over time and the pyramid was exactly aligned at one time.

Centre of Land Mass: The Great Pyramid is located at the centre of the land mass of the earth. The east/west parallel that crosses the most land and the north/south meridian that crosses the most land intersect in two places on the earth, one in the ocean and the other at the Great Pyramid.

The relationship between Pi (p) and Phi (F) is expressed in the fundamental proportions of the Great Pyramid.

Numbers of relevance:

The length of a base is 9131 Pyramid Inches from corner to corner in a straight line.
The length of a base side at the base socket level is 9,131 Pyramid Inches or 365.24 Pyramid Cubits.
The length of a base side at sidereal socket level is 9,131.4 Pyramid Inches or 365.256 Pyramid Cubits.
The length of the perimeter at the sidereal socket level is 36,525.63629 Pyramid Inches.
The perfect formula height of the pyramid including the missing apex is 5 813.2355653763 Pyramid Inches, calculated from perimeter of base divided by 2 Pyramid Inches.
The height to the missing apex is 5,812.98 Pyramid Inches.
The volume of the pyramid is: V = 1/3 base area x height = 161,559,817,000 cubic Pyramid Inches = 10,339,828.3 cubic Pyramid Cubits. [(5,813.2355653 Pyramid Inches)/3 * 9 131 Pyramid Inches * 9 131 Pyramid Inches]

Precision of engineering:

The four faces of the pyramid are slightly concave, the only pyramid to have been built this way.

The centres of the four sides are indented with an extraordinary degree of precision forming the only 8 sided pyramid.

The effect is not visible from the ground or from a distance but only from the air, and then only under the proper lighting conditions.

The granite coffer in the "King's Chamber" is too big to fit through the passages and so it must have been put in place during construction.

Microscopic analysis of the coffer reveals that it was made with a fixed point drill that used hard jewel bits and a drilling force of 2 tons.

The coffer was sawn out of a block of solid granite. This would have required bronze saws 8-9 ft. long set with teeth of sapphires. Hollowing out of the interior would require tubular drills of the same material applied with a tremendous vertical force.

The Great Pyramid had a swivel door entrance at one time. Swivel doors were found in only two other pyramids: Khufu's father and grandfather, Sneferu and Huni, respectively.

It is reported that when the pyramid was first broken into that the swivel door, weighing some 20 tons, was so well balanced that it could be opened by pushing out from the inside with only minimal force, but when closed, was so perfect a fit that it could scarcely be detected and there was not enough crack or crevice around the edges to gain a grasp from the outside.

If the height of the pyramid is taken as the radius of a circle, then the circumference of this circle is the same as the perimeter of the base. This provided the complimentary squaring of a circle and circling of a square. The key to this relationship is knowledge of the value of Pi and designing the angle of the pyramid to be exactly 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 14.3 seconds.

Embedded Constants:

Tropical Year or Calendar Year: The length of a base side is 9,131 Pyramid Inches measured at the mean socket level, or 365.24 Pyramid Cubits, which is the number of days in a year [9,131/25 = 365.24, accurate to 5 digits]. The perimeter of the base divided by 100 = 365.24, the number of days in a year. [9 131 Pyramid Inches * 4 / 100, accurate to 5 digits]

Tropical Year: The length of the Antechamber used as the diameter of a circle produces a circumference of 365.242 (accurate to 6 digits).

Tropical Year: The ratio of the lengths of the Grand Gallery to the solid diagonal of the King's Chamber times 100 equals the number of days in a tropical year. [(1,881.5985600 / 51.516461) * 100 = 365.242200, accurate to 8 digits]

Sidereal Year: The length of the antechamber of the King's Chamber times Pi = length of a sidereal year [116.26471 Pyramid Inches * 3.14159 = 365.25636 days, accurate to 8 digits]

Sidereal Year: The length of a base side at sidereal socket level is 365.256 Pyramid Cubits. [accurate to 6 digits]

Mean Distance to the Sun: Half of the length of the diagonal of the base times 10^6 = average distance to the sun

Mean Distance to Sun: The height of the pyramid times 10^9 represents the mean radius of the earth's orbit around the sun, or Astronomical Unit (AU). [5,813.235565376 Pyramid Inches x 10^9 = 91,848,816.9 miles]

Mean Distance to Moon: The length of the Jubilee passage times 7 times 10^7 is the mean distance to the moon. [215.973053 Pyramid Inches * 7 * 10^7 = 1.5118e10 Pyramid Inches = 238,865 miles]

Sun's Radius: Twice the perimeter of the bottom of the granite coffer times 10^8 is the sun's mean radius. [270.45378502 Pyramid Inches* 10^8 = 427,316 miles]

Earth's Polar Radius: The Sacred Cubit times 10^7 = polar radius of the earth (distance from North Pole to earth's centre) [25 Pyramid Inches * 10^7 * (1.001081 in / 1 Pyramid Inches) * (1 ft / 12 in) * (1 mi/ 5280 ft) = 3,950 miles]

Earth's Polar Radius: The Pyramid embodies a scale ratio of 1/43,200. The height * 43200 = 3,938.685 miles, which is the polar radius of the earth to within 11 mi.

Radius of the Earth: The curvature designed into the faces of the pyramid exactly matches the radius of the earth.

Equatorial Circumference of the Earth: The Pyramid embodies a scale ratio of 1/43,200. The perimeter of the base * 43,200 = 24,734.94 miles, which is within 170 miles of the equatorial circumference of the earth.

Earth's Volume: The product of the pyramid's volume and density times 10^15 equals the ratio of volume to density of the earth. [10,339,823.3 cubic cubits * 0.4078994 * 10^15 = 4.21760772 x 10^21 cubic cubits = 259.93 x 10^9 cubic miles]

Earth's Mass: Mass of the pyramid = volume * density = 10,339,823.3 cubic cubits * 0.4078994 earth density = 4,217,497. The mass converted to pyramid tons = 4,217,607.72 * 1.25 = 5,272,010 pyramid tons. Since the mean density of the earth was defined as 1.0, then the mass of the earth is 10^15 times the mass in pyramid tons = 5.272 x 10^21 pyramid tons = 5.99 x 10^24 Kg

Speed of Earth around the Sun: The Pyramid Inch times 10^8 = the speed of the earth around the sun, circa 2600 BCE

Mass of the Earth: The weight of the pyramid is estimated at 5,955,000 tons. Multiplied by 10^8 gives a reasonable estimate of the earth's mass.

Average Land Height: The average height of land above sea level for the earth is 5,449 inches. This is also the height of the pyramid.

The Light Equation: The height of the Great Pyramid, minus the height of the capstone represents one millionth the time it takes light to travel the mean radius of the earth's orbit around the sun (1 astronomical unit) using 1 Pyramid Inch equals 24 hours (mean solar day). [(5,813.2355653 - 103.0369176) /
10^6 = .0057101986+ days = 493.36116 seconds = 8 minutes, 13.36 seconds]

The Velocity of Light: With distance of one A.U. known and the transit time of light for this same distance the velocity of light can be found. [91,848,816.9 miles / 493.36+ seconds = 186,169.5 miles/sec]

The Sun's Parallax: The size of the earth as viewed from the Sun and expressed as an angle and generally taken to be 1/2 the diameter at the equator (Solar Equatorial Parallax) is 8.9008091 seconds of arc using 91848,817 miles as the mean distance to the sun and 3,963.4914 miles as the equatorial radius. The distance between the mean socket level and the height of the leveled bedrock is 8.9008 Pyramid Inches.


The Descending Passage pointed to the pole star Alpha Draconis, circa 2170-2144 BCE. This was the North Star at that point in time. No other star has aligned with the passage since then.

The 344ft length of the Descending Passage provides an angle of view of only +/- 1/3 of a degree. Alpha Draconis has not been in alignment for thousands of years. The next alignment will be with the North Star, Polaris, in about 2004 CE. Polaris in Greek means "Satan".

The southern shaft in the King's Chamber (45 deg, 00 min, 00 sec) pointed to the star Al Nitak (Zeta Orionis) in the constellation Orion, circa 2450 BCE The Orion constellation was associated with the Egyptian god Osiris. No other star aligned with this shaft during that Epoch.

The northern shaft in the King's Chamber (32 deg, 28 min, 00 sec) pointed to the star Alpha Draconis, circa 2450 BCE

The southern shaft in the Queen's Chamber (39 deg, 30 min, 00 sec) pointed to the star Sirius, circa 2450 BCE Sirius was associated with the Egyptian goddess Isis and is also part of a unique ceremony practiced by the African Dogon tribe.

The northern shaft in the Queen's Chamber (39 deg, 00 min, 00 sec) pointed to the star Ursa Minor, circa 2450 BCE
Pyramids mirror Orion Constellation: The pyramid positions on the ground are a reflection of the positions of the stars in the constellation Orion circa 10400BCE Five of the 7 brightest stars have pyramid equivalents: The 3 great pyramids of Khufu, Khafra, and Menkaura for the belt of Orion, the pyramid of Nebka at Abu Rawash corresponds to the star Saiph, the pyramid at Zawat al Aryan corresponds to the star Bellatrix. The only two missing star positions are for Betelgeuse and Rigel.

Marks Spring Equinox: Due to the angle of the sides of the pyramid vs. its latitude, it casts no shadow at noon during the spring equinox.

Precession of the Equinoxes: The sum of the pyramid's two base diagonals in Pyramid Inches = length of the Precession of the Equinoxes (25,827 years)

Precession of the Equinoxes: The distance from the ceiling of the King's Chamber to the apex of the pyramid = 4,110.5 Pyramid Inches. Which is the radius of a circle whose circumference = the precession of the equinoxes. [4,110.5 * 2 * Pyramid Inches = 25,827]

Precession of the Equinoxes: The perimeter of the 35th course of blocks, which is much thicker than any of the other courses, gives a figure for the precession of the equinoxes.

Units of Measurement:

The Pyramid Inch (PI) = 1.0011 present inches, and 1.0010846752 British Inches.

The Pyramid Cubit or Sacred Cubit = 25 pyramid inches.

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PostTue Mar 02, 2010 7:37 pm » by Shadowkhas

I was pretty intrigued about the Orion alignment, and decided to check it out...the pyramids don't line up at all.

Sure, the three main ones forming the belt do, but the others are way off.
The red squares are plotted where pyramids should be to line up, but they're off considerably. And for a civilization that is said to be incredibly advanced at the smallest of details (as your post indicates rather well), this is too much of an error to really be considered valid.

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PostTue Mar 02, 2010 9:52 pm » by Edgarrothstein

The current Arabic name of Egypt is “Miṣr”, which happens to be the same as Hebrew “Miṣrāyim”. “Miṣrāyim” is basically a grammatic dual for Upper and Lower Egypt. This names are derived from Akkadian, Semitic root “aṣaru” (verb) = “to cut, to delimit”, and “eṣertu” (noun) = “drawing plan or representation”.
In Semitic languages, an “m” before the root of a verb forms what we would, in english, call a past participle.
The final linguistic result is : Egypt is the country built in accordance to a geometrical plan.

Additionally, the ancient Egyptians called their land “To-Mera” = “land of the mr” . The word “mr” is used to refer to the pyramids, or specifically to the meridian triangle of a pyramid. The mr is basically a right triangle with the angle of 36, and the other is 54. And this triangle is the basic building block of the Cosmos, as they believed.

Ah yes, and one of the most interesting among the Masonic rites is the Rite of Misraim

Linguistics can be fun sometimes...

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PostTue Mar 02, 2010 10:02 pm » by Saturnv

having gon to eygpt on holiday i visited the pyrmids i was allowed into the second largest one we were given a card with the hyroglyph alphabet converted to english. now you go down into a prymid not up cant be done, the stairs down were so narrow you had to squeeze past people coming up, so you get to the bottom to find what looks like a turkish jail and newly whitewashed!! hyroglyph decoder not needed also on tv etc they look like there far out in the desert but there are houses less than 300 yards from the spinks built up area !!

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PostTue Mar 02, 2010 10:15 pm » by E6722maj

pyramids rule :alien:

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PostTue Mar 02, 2010 10:16 pm » by Quetza

The pyramids do line up with the starsystem Signius.
Also check out the work of Professor Thijs

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PostTue Mar 02, 2010 10:23 pm » by Edgarrothstein

e6722maj wrote:pyramids rule :alien:

Yeah :


This is Tetra - Pak invention, and it keeps the milk fresh for a longer period, without a fridge.
Haven't seen this for a long time.

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PostTue Mar 02, 2010 10:27 pm » by E6722maj

edgarrothstein wrote:
e6722maj wrote:pyramids rule :alien:

Yeah :


This is Tetra - Pak invention, and it keeps the milk fresh for a longer period, without a fridge.
Haven't seen this for a long time.

and them pyramid teabags are way better than the square or round ones :alien:

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PostWed Mar 03, 2010 3:05 am » by Dogmeat

I disagree that the great pyramid is the best example of the ancient's work but that's still a cool place. I saw a National Geographic special and they accepted the Orion theory with out any reservations. The actual dimensions of the pyramid are a matter of debate as so much material was removed. One man created a massive pump based on the exact internal design of the pyramid of "Cheops" and patented it as it is fully functional with one extra component he added. That would explain the water marks on the sphinx! While the ancients have many amazing ruins left behind aligned with celestial objects or predicting solstices the great pyramid complex is the most popular with the general public.

Ritual centers are found around this planet and often serve as far more than a simple marker, platform or religious structure.

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PostWed Mar 03, 2010 3:36 am » by Edgarrothstein

Manley P. Hall, Helena Blavatska and J. Ralston Skinner used to believe that the Pyramid was not a tomb, but a temple of initiation.
Skinner (in his extremely rare book "The Source of Measures: Key to the Hebrew Egyptian Mystery" - i was unable to find the PDF anywhere on the Net) linked the Pyramid to the Kabbalah.

So, we know that the circle, the square, the cross and the triangle are all incorporated into the Great Pyramid (square base, triangular faces, all to form the sacred circle), and were considered sacred :


Skinner claimed that the key to Kabbalah is the geometrical relation of the area of the circle inside the square, or the sphere in the cube. This caused the relation of the diameter to the circumference of a circle, with the numerical value of this relation expressed in fractions , such as 22/7.

22/7 ?

Well, it's about 3.142857 , tha same as our fabulous Pi.

At this point, to conceive the metaphysical/esoteric meaning of Pi, go and download Patrick Mulcahy's "The Metaphysical Significance of Pi":

So, this relation of diameter to circumference , a.k.a. The Sacred Fraction, was considered a supreme one, connected with gods names Elohim and Jehovah (the first is the circumference, the second the diameter). This leads Skinner and some other people ( such as Tons Brunes) to believe that the Great Pyramid was, like the most of ancient temples, designed on the base of advanced but hermetic geometry known only to initiates, and only fragments were revealed to ancient philosophers and classic Greeks.

Among the most important initiates were : Moses, St. Paul, and then : Sophocles, Solon, Plato, Cicero, Heraclitus, Pindar as Pythagoras. And they had to swear not to reveal this sacred konwledge directly.

Moses, who also was an Egyptian priest, passed this sacred knowledge hermetically, in his instructions for building the Tabernacle. This data eventually reached Jerusalem and was incorporated in holy teachings, and the cubit itself is incorporated in Temple at Jerusalem. That's the reason why the Bible Cubit is actually the Egyptian Royal Cubit, used in building the Great Pyramid.

Additionally, the ancient Egyptians used basic circle in square model to divide both circle and square geometrically into equal parts (2 to 10), along with all of their possible multiplies, only with straight-edge and compass, which are, in addition of Pyramid, the common symobls of Masonic orders. And the Masonic secrecy is in the direct relation with the facts i've mentioned earlier.

Now, another interesting thing is the Pyramid - Pentagon/Pentagram connection.:


The circle in a square, quartered by a cross, enabeled the Egyptians to get the basic pentagon, hexagon, octagon and decagon.

How the pentagon is constructed, see


The Pentagon with its five-pointed star is probably the most important of these geometrical figures. It produces the Golden Section and the Phi proportion automatically. Each line of the five pointed star cuts other in the proportion of major to minor - the Golden Section. A Perfection. Hence the Agrippa and others believed that the pentagram is a sign of the microcosmos.


Now, the symbolic sign of recognition of the initiated Pythagoreans was the pentagram. And the revelation of its hermetical meaning was punishable by death. That is why i believe that, during the ages, the pentagram was intentionally connected with the Evil, just to scare uninitiated away. And, like a many of things, it grew upon the mankind, which was later used by LaVey, Crowley and other guys in the 20th century. They even put the goat head (Baphomet) inside, which has no historical logic whatsoever.

A quote from

"The inverted pentacle with a goat's head is called the Sigl of Baphomet. The term may have come from two Greek words, baphe and metis, meaning "absorption of knowledge." It has also been called the Black Goat, Devil's Goat, Goat Head, Goat of Mendes, and Judas Goat. Its first appearance appears to have been during the vicious interrogation of members of the Knights Templar by the Roman Catholic Church during the Inquisition. There was little consensus among different victims' descriptions of the Baphomet. It can probably be safely assumed that their description of the Baphomet is more a product of the Inquisition's torture methods than of any actual statue that was in use by the Knights. "

Anyways, i believe that the Pyramids were, as Charles Funk-Hellet says, a geodetic gnomon or pillar, incorporating values of the meter and the cubit.

There's a cool book from my collection, you can find the most data from the OP there explained - Petko Nikolic Vidusa "The Great Pyramid and the Bible" :

Disclosing bullshitters since 1969.


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