America has lost the wars...

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PostTue Aug 06, 2013 2:18 pm » by Perronick

Santor wrote:Yes, I agree. The people of the United States have lost many wars.

I am from Quebec, Canada. I was born in 1969. I remember when I was young, the US represented people who achieved great things. They were respected and we all wanted to learn english to understand them. In sports, politics, culture and arts, the United States was always among the best in the world.

In Quebec, we were and still are a small people, much more humble by our deeds. But still quite interested by the people of the US. We wanted to be close to them.

As I grew up, I saw this respect changing. In the 90s, it began to turn with the US foreign interventions. Especially in Latin America. Not just with the Cuban quarrels and mistakes, but all over Latin America. The churches, the multi-nationals, the cia, etc... The US as a whole began to behave like a bully.

And with the years, it only grew and spread. The arrogance, the bullying, the treats, the interventions, all over the world. In the years 2000, it was not just upsetting, it was anger. As I was traveling a lot, all over the world, and being of french mother tongue, the non american were less shy to openly admit their anger toward the US. For all kind of reasons, but in definitive it was obvious that a change happened in this country.

Like a change in values. Instead of looking for respect by their kindness and good relationship, the US governance and economical powers were more interested in being feared. Now this change of values shows in the pop culture. You can see it in their musical video clips, movies and books. Its so full of vanity, bullying, violence, arrogance. It always turn in the same circle and becomes boring. And this change in values happened so fast, I was able to witness it over 30 years only.

Now, the US citizens are meeting the result of these change in values. Reaping what has been sowed. Materialism doesn't worth much, its an empty way of life. I really wish to see a people awakening and change back to their old values of freedom, respect and justice.

Hey, great summary, Santor, and you are very welcome to this forum. I do remember those times, when Americans were the people to look up to. Not anymore.

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PostTue Aug 06, 2013 3:59 pm » by Rachelwordsmith

American democracy is dead, just ask Jimmy Carter. Freedom has long been an illusion- the PR state keeps people placated while the foxes rape the hens at will. And the people are too stupefied to know or care. Winning any war was never the objective- there is no money in winning. It's never been good but Reagan was first to really pulled down the flood gates. The hero is really a trader- go figure. GOP bait and switch is a high art.

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PostTue Aug 06, 2013 6:40 pm » by Santor

Perronick wrote:Hey, great summary, Santor, and you are very welcome to this forum. I do remember those times, when Americans were the people to look up to. Not anymore.

Thank you. Since the topic was about the USA, I made an opinion on the USA, but I could have said nearly the same about my own country, Canada.

I have friends coming from the USA who have a property near mine, here in Quebec. They are great friends since a long time. Once I was sharing thoughts with John and he told me; you know Steven, I remember 20-25 years ago when Canada used to be a very special country. Standing for human rights and sometimes even taking a stand against US attitude and behavior. It seems not the fact anymore, do you agree?

I was seeing the same thing. Canada is nothing else than another state of the USA now. The actual government is part of the very same gang who wants their global agenda on the road for the new millennium.

Like it was said in this very thread before, its not just the USA, giving that the USA is the angular stone in the scheme, but all of the western countries and some more like Japan.

We are seeing a New World order unfolding and it is not for the best of all. But Im very confident, their plan will crumble into dust.


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