America's future? [Your opinion]

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PostFri Aug 27, 2010 10:42 am » by Iwanci

Agreed low, but then what? Keep printing more money so inflation hits an all time high and a loaf of bread costs about the same price as a small car?

I don’t know where it’s going my friend but it isn’t going be pretty, imo. The first thing the US government should do is stop the Chinese pegging their currency to yours. Then invest in your local production abilities, slow the imports (maybe increase your tariffs) and buy US made goods. Put up the barriers to cheap imports, control prices up to a certain level, get serious in the wars you are (and we are) all involved in, a big assault, or get the hell out and bring everyone home. Your country has enough problems on the home front to worry about.

There are so many issues to deal with it is almost impossible to go through them all. But something has to happen. I believe China now pretty much owns the US does it not? That’s the sentiment down here in Oz. So how do you get the monkey off your back? You can’t keep feeding it because it will just get heavier and become a greater burden, right? So you need to starve it or push it off. How that translates into a solution I don’t know, but I know that the easiest path is the one of least resistance, unfortunately for you guys (and us and the world) I don’t want us to go there.

Perhaps some divine intervention? A freak occurrence? I think your government must be working on a solution / scheme to address the issue, everything else seems to pale into insignificance besides this one issue of debt you have.

Of course maybe I just don’t know what I am talking about? That too is a possibility.
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PostFri Aug 27, 2010 11:10 am » by Svaha

I read some books in the seventies predicting the fall of Russia and soon thereafter the fall of America (before the turn of the millennium)
It seemed like America did not fall, but actually it did. A revolution at that time or a drastic change at that time would have 'saved' America.
I think it's too late now, in a couple of years America will be turned into a fascist state, or devastated by internal conflicts.
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