Americans Betrayed by Their Government

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PostTue Oct 12, 2010 3:48 pm » by Illuminated

heres how they roll in hungary for a contrast to what we put up with in: n.a - u.k - e.u

Chief of company behind toxic sludge spill in Hungary arrested
by the CNN Wire StaffOctober 11, 2010 -- Updated 2122 GMT (0522 HKT)

(CNN) -- The head of the company at the center of a toxic spill in Hungary has been arrested, accused of public endangerment and harming the environment, authorities said Monday.

Earlier, executive Zoltan Bakonyi had been questioned by authorities.

Hungary's Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, told CNN affiliate MTV that he favored strong government intervention against Bakonyi's aluminum company, MAL Co. ... ary.toxic/

contrast that to BP in the Gulf
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PostTue Oct 12, 2010 3:59 pm » by TheDuck

harryjackson wrote:
theduck wrote:
harryjackson wrote:You have OWNERS. The governments are OWNED.
The real OWNERS of the WORLD have decided to run down the west and raise up the east.

The Governments DONT have a say.

What part of OWNED dont you understand Duck ?

We are ALL in it together m8. Good Luck.

If you are talking well actually shouting about legalese then I do get you. I know about maritime admiralty law etc... having a person etc...

I liked the last line but the rest was just shouting from my pov...

Ps I just put videos up that I think people might like, that's all. Not necessarily my opinion man.

Sorry dude i did not mean to offend you. i just wanted to let you my thoughts on who runs the world,and im sure it aint our governments.You just got to look at the banking bailout bullshit they did.
Banks loose billions on the market,then have the power to make the governments give em billions,then the governments say it our fault and you better be glad your getting a pay cut because at least you still have a job.

We need to stop taking to the monkeys and point the fingers at the organ grinders.There cant be many of them.

The only way to beat them so to speak,is withdraw from them. Dont vote,infact tell them you WONT vote. Use Cash not plastic. Grow your own veg if you can. If you can use other means to power your house i.e solar wind etc,do it.Get a log burner for to heat your home. Dont eat fast food.If you can trade with your labour instead of money do it.
Pull back from the system any way you can. When you get letters from local government,reply by letter,dont phone. Drag your heels,that sort of stuff.

Anyway all the best.

Oh its all good man I wasn't offended was just saying and yeah I do as little for the system as possible, I've never voted, I've never even filled out an electoral register form (which is illegal apparently) pfft lol

I only use cash and will continue to do so. :wink: - Premium E-liquid

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