ameriKa in prophecy

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PostTue May 06, 2008 4:07 pm » by Avenue Of Light

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PostTue May 06, 2008 5:02 pm » by Estanislao

interesting...America as the false prophet.
Nice catch on Hillary's Satan Flag.
And Bush's 666.
(had some trouble loading your sight)

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Hopefully i will have a small portion of the dvd uploaded here soon.
Yes, Please study what is presented there, and ponder these things..I hope you will share them also. As these things I teach start openly manifesting themselves the scoffers shall no longer scoff; for it's not me they scoff at, but HIM! The whole world has been deceived.These things are scripture, and their words back up exactly what they have planned but to a sleeping and dying world it as in Noah's day is a fairytale to them. most have NEVER heard, seen, or studied these things. The Jesuits have done an excellent work in duping down the world. As they follow the rupture cult(invented in 1830's) the trinity cult, tthe AMEN cult....none are the wiser NOR do they want to be awakened from their sleep as they love their comforts as well as the lies told them.
What problem was there in loading the site? Hopefully i will soon have a new site totally revamped; SUNday couple weeks back....SOMEONE.... completely removed a minimum of 14 pages completely from my site; and a brother who happened to be studying there; his computer locked up and was immediately shut down???? as was mine????? SOMEONE doesn't like what I teach :) ... Thank you for stopping by. Lord bless you Sir, Mike

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PostThu May 29, 2008 10:23 pm » by Cosmonaut

Hi Mikee,
I thought the whole point to this site was to share and explore possible truths that lie in the unexplained and the inexplicable weather it be recent history fading into myth and legend to space and further afield.
Religion whilst followed fervently throughout the world in all its diversity is myth and legend, if it makes you happy then that's great, your happiness I respect, your beliefs, well that's another matter. I could go on but there's someone else who could do it far better than I.

Mikee there is a chap in the UK by the name of Pat Condell I think he will give you much to ponder and think about I hope you enjoy.


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PostThu Oct 14, 2010 2:19 pm » by Avenue Of Light


(Setting the Pope of Rome in Jerusalem)
The New World Order!

New site coming soon!

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Check out the videos I just uploaded... (here) on my homepage


Alex Jones interviews Chris Pinto:

also @ under (videos tab) at the top of the page

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