An Empty Sun - Is Gravity being Induced?

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gary19702 wrote:It's the simplest of physics that is right there in front of us all for 12 hour a day over the course of millenia. in short. a hollow sun souldn't exist for very long without wiping out it's resources, thus we all wouldn't be here to discuss this topic.

but the guy is not going by the simple laws of physics, he is theorizing, as you know the laws of physics are changing all the time. if no one questions the current laws of physics and just excepts them as fact , then that is the day we all become sheep. there is a 5 billion dollars piece of equipment called cern that was built to prove peoples theories, and has just discovered what they are calling prehistoric particles
High energy collisions reveal a paleoparticle

Physicists working on the LHC results have announced their first discovery: a hideous particle from the prehistory of the Universe

for all we know the sun could contain in the possible void at its center, the mythical higgs boson, thus creating matter thus creating its own fuel. i am just theorizing of course.


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