Ancient Canal Builders in America

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PostWed Oct 20, 2010 2:42 am » by Donovan

constabul wrote:
lamonema wrote:
emeraldtruth wrote:I'm not saying they are wrong, but I have a slight issue with that possibility.
If a civilisation was more technologically evolved than humanity currently is, what's the likelihood they would need runways for craft to take off from?
If indeed they did, then surely it narrows their technological window to a smaller timeframe.
I mean to say, they were on a similar level to us now. That for me eliminates alien civilisations for they would have had anti gravity tech.

If these assumptions are correct we can be very proud of humanities ingenuity in any age or epoch..
and ashamed at how we manage to ruin it every time. :think: :headscratch: :?:

My sentiments exactly, however it still does not debunk UFOs and, yeah perhaps even aleins too. However much of the stucture in some of these ancient ruins, like the stone work of Puma Punkuu. <---- sp.?, challenge even our curent abilities. At least that's what i've seen, Eric Von Daniken still fits in there to me. Only i don't think he gives the ancient civilizations enough credit. Von Danikens' ancient astronouts may have been us. Of course if i said that to his face, he'd probably punchasize mine. :lol: He seems a bit high strung, like that Zawi (big prick) guy in Egypt. :D Your also right in your notion that we repeat our mistakes, perhaps this time we won't. :)

An idea i pretty much subscribe to. is this. <I'll do the short form>
Earth at one time was beyond mars. A binary star to our sun brought another planet in close to the orbit of earth. the collision resulted in the scaring earth has that is now oceans. and creating the asteroid belt < the hammers bracelet> the impact knocked the earth to it's new position and orbit. Dragging with it a moon from the planet we crashed into. helping to stabilize our new path. I think the earth had hominids on it. But Mars was pelted by the debris created from the impact, causing the atmosphere to be depleted.
At this point i go on to further speculate, that mars had intelligent life on it, and that some fled the impact and ended up on earth < anuki, the ones who came down to earth, or however ancient texts put it> and to further their existence, breed with the hominids. making the bastardized human race, over time, cataclysms happened, slowly knocking us further back in understanding and knowledge.. I think those considered as gods were nothing more then peeps of renown ability and intelligence, due to a link with our true historic origins, over time, this was exploited to gain control over the masses. Over time people were seen less as people but more so like mystical being.. creating the god concepts we cling to today..
in a nut shell.
Call me crazy, but after lookin into all that i have, i come up with that.. for now anyway.
shenanigans i say!!!......................just kidding,yeah im bored :D
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PostWed Oct 20, 2010 4:22 pm » by Emeraldtruth

Great responses and plausible speculation. Good to know there are others here who have done their "homework".
Not sure if I entirely agree as solid conclusions are quite difficult to ascertain but the official history is obvious tripe so I'd lean more your route.
For one it would explain why the moon was dated to earlier than the earth(though I think the official stance there may have changed).
Good stuff and thanks lads. :cheers:

p.s. Thanks also for the Irish tie-in. Was pretty much what I knew too.

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PostThu Oct 21, 2010 1:59 pm » by Thebluecanary

This was neat! Thanks! I really enjoyed the links and the photos were amazing...I knew about the canal builders to some extent but I had never seen the site you referenced before. :cheers:
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