Ancient symbol of stonemelting technique

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I think I have found a clue on how the great pyramid of giza was built, along with all kinds of ancient megalithic structures.

I first read about Coral Castle a couple years ago. I was browsing and in the article about Coral Castle there was a picture.

Ed Leedskalnin once stated that he had found the way the egyptians built the pyramids. But were the egyptians the only ones that knew this secret to manipulating matter?

Take a look at 26:26 in this video ... r_embedded

On the disc that Professor Jaime Gutierrez has found in Colombia is a symbol looking almost exactly like the one on Ed Leedskalnins book cover. Is this just a coincidence? The other symbols on the discs depict things that you can't know about without at least a microscope.
There's also what looks like human/grey hybrid babies in the middle of the disc, but thats off-topic.

Today on Flyingfish posted a thread about Nan Madol. You can find the thread here:

A powerful magician living in the well inhabited region on the northwest of the island was solicited, With "sounds of varying pitch" he made basalt logs fly through the air like birds and settle down in their appointed places.

This sounds a lot like Coral Castle doesn't it?

What is this strange symbol representing? Can it manipulate matter through sound frequencies?

Anyone got any thoughts on this?

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