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First I want to say that I will post links here and some may be from our own members.
I have no intention of plagerising anyone but just trying to show that we are maybe
being shown a sleight of hand and some are falling for it.
There are many people that give information on the net , some in podcasts ,live shows, articles gleaned or made by themselves.
I do not have a problem with that. Some of it gets sensationalized and does stir a lot of emotions. A few do it to push their own agendas and I am sure none are getting very rich by it.
I do not have a problem with that either.
Unfortunately, there is an aim and a goal to keep a lot of readers goaded by the TPTB and use this as a magicians's tool that appears to have gained sensation and by feeding itself allows from the distraction of the big picture. If one stirs the pot with one hand then the other can do the real work.
The aims and goals are to: 1- reduce the population by whatever means
and keep dropping snippets to keep he populace riled.
2- When this is accomplishing , solidify a control system
to rule a greatly reduced population under their holy
3- With the population lowered and made complacent
they are ready to serve and love their overlords.
4- Since they are now sheeple, there is no need or use to
educate them for anything other than menial tasks and
can be used for any of their own whims.
The result complete Utopia for the overlords and complete
subservience for the servants.
This may be just a conjecture but as I am awakened and connecting the dots within myself,
it appears to come together. Everything has been thought of and only the refusals of the
awakened ones can make a dent.
I am adding links to articles that show the main goals that we kinda forget about and is
a guide into the past time line and the resulting actions that are critical in the execution of
control . Also some other info that may show that there are alternatives to some of this mess. It is up to the individual to look at this himself and search for more in depth nefarious actions.
The new biology - Where mind and matter meet
Bruce Lipton PhD ( what we are about ) ... re=related
aspartame (The ways to get the job done)
cia evil ( the worst of the lot)
mycoplasma ( the beginnings of the plan)
complacency ( what else)

( The Wild Card)
Knowlege is power and now the gloves are coming off!

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