Angelic Google echoes Last Prophet, Halloween's doodle 2012

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PostWed Oct 31, 2012 9:32 pm » by Mattmarriott

The cat is out of the bag - angelic Google echoes Last Prophet on Halloween, one week before The shit hits the fan
8 years to the day after almost ALL americans accepted the mark of the Beast, angelic Google echoes Last Prophet with the doodle for October 31 2012:
- illuminati (apparently the only door with light, but once you start clicking doors you realize it is in fact the first door) officially declare suprevised ethnic civil war November 7th (click second door: light goes out and mastercard apperas in the dark: MASTERCARD EQUALS THE MASTER RACE PLAYING THE RACECARD);
- November 7th, when voting machines declare actor wearing willard toupee Richard Jenkins alias RMoney the president-elect ;
- November 7th or 13 days after illuminati actor toupee Ar-Donald Trump-erminator in the role of death angel blowing the Last Trump-et fired the first bullet in the script 'SCOTUS strips and sentences "Obama" to "death"';
- brainwashed air force pilots non-stop bombing ALL the populace stripped of pensions and savings (almost leafless tree) following termination of "collapse of major banks" (click second door: light goes out and mastercard apperas in the dark) script;
- "Romney ""jailed", Hillary Clinton declared 44th President and successor of GW Bush, populace cattled to FEMA camps (4th door after click) that are in fact extermination camps (last door);
- before nukes fly (4th door);
- all supposedly supervised. A weaving spider hangs over the block and when clicked warns "do not come here", an allusion to the MOTTO at the entrance to the Bohemian Grove, the most important illuminati celebrational location: "Weaving Spiders Come Not Here,"
This said, the skeleton needs no longer to be explained.
Yes, the shit hits the fan, the cat is out of the bag.


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PostWed Oct 31, 2012 9:45 pm » by The57ironman

if you don't like my opinions....please lower your standards Image


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PostWed Oct 31, 2012 10:15 pm » by KMA

The57ironman wrote:Image

That pic demonstrates what i was feeling when i was reading that.

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PostWed Oct 31, 2012 11:04 pm » by Slith

KMA wrote:
The57ironman wrote:Image

That pic demonstrates what i was feeling when i was reading that.

Glad you feel that way Kenny


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PostTue Nov 06, 2012 10:59 pm » by Mattmarriott

First post refers to the Halloween doodle

Dixville Notch tied last night in New Hampshire = satanic illuminati letting us know the tie is planned.
Google Doodle showing 23 Red and 23 Blue votes for Nov 6 = angelic Google letting us know the tie is planned.

Reminder: beasts are not able to get that Google is angelic, although it is as simple as this:
... Last Prophet's words are, for the last 5 years, "coincidentally" #1 and #2 of the MOST important google search any person can do ... +about+God
"Coincidentally" not only the two most important pages written in the short story of the web but one also the most horrible page ever written... ... since.html

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PostTue Nov 06, 2012 11:33 pm » by TheDuck

First I was like... Then...



Image - Premium E-liquid

"The Truth Cannot Be Told... It Must Be Realized"

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PostWed Nov 07, 2012 2:12 am » by Mattmarriott

posted 28 October 2012
WILLARD toupee RMoney will be "elected" with 60+ million votes 45th president. What happens next?

WILLARD toupee RMoney will be "elected" with more than 60 million votes 45 th president, although like McCain, he gets in fact less than 5 million people to vote for him.
[An act prepared by "results" announced first as a technical draw.]
Same script as "Panama canal born" John McCain, except that the remake has this role not in the loser but in the winner role.
But what happens immediately after?

All explained 1998 (1) and 2007 (2). The script is extended with the the supervised ethnic civil war as explained by Last Prophet long ago.

"Romney" will be "elected" but probably the illuminati will not have to stage another fake inauguration, with a "mistake" in oath, like with "Obama". (3)
"Romney" will probably be "jailed" shortly after the "election" and shortly after "Obama" is jailed and sentenced to "death" by SCOTUS for "the most sophisticated conspiracy ever in politics", at the start of the supervised ethnic civil war.
If indeed RMoney will be inaugurated then not only the 44th title will be stripped from "black" "Kenyan" "Hussein Obama II" but also the 44th title (or 45th , depending wether "Obama" stripped before the inauguration) of President of the USA will be stripped from toupee "Mormon" "Mitt Willard Romney".
Unlike Lance Armstrong, the stripped are not falsely accused sport champions (4).
This time the accused are just illuminati actors playing fake identities.
Unlike Lance Armstrong Tour de France titles, the stripped titles will not remain vacant
In fact both titles will be transferred to one and the same illuminati real identity, Hillary Clinton.
And as expected from the Laws of End Time Reductionism, at the end of the day, whether or not "Romney" is inaugurated and if yes whether or not that happens after "Obama" is stripped, it will not be two titles but only one and the same title that will be transferred: the title of 44th POTUS, the successor of GW Bush.

IF "elected" WILLARD toupee RMoney is inaugurated as 44/45 th president he will be stripped shortly after.

Like "Obama" not stripped from beard and moustache (5), WILLARD not stripped from toupee. (6)
Like "Obama" stripped from 44th presidential title, RMONEY stripped (again) from 44th presidential title.

(1) Billary Clinton *** HORRBLE TRUTH *** revealed 1998 - yet nobody echoed it until today
#1 since 2001 ... was+staged
archived first Feb 2003 ... insky.html

(2) "Obama"'s role in A-plan, explained 2007:
Archived first April 2008: ... s-two.html

The 2008 October surprise script was exposed by Last Prophet more than 4 years ago: "“Obama impeached asks his crowd to elect Clinton”". ... cript.html

(3) Barack Obama Oath of Office, January 2009

(4) Lance Armstrong falsely accused is part of several agendas - explained 2004 for the doping conspiracy agendas and January 2009 for the rewrite history agenda

(5) "OBAMA" makes one LAST "OSAMA" video to prove that "Bin Laden's death" is a lie

(6) why actor Richard Jenkins alias toupee "Romney" wears a deliberaty obvious toupee in the movie "Rum Diary", 2011

In ... ident-What
gassed (moved to Comedy Gas Chamber, only locked threads) within minutes at: ... id=3514216

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