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Animal X is an Australian made documentary television series that aired in more than 120 countries. It began in 1997 with its first series of 13 half-hour episodes. In 2002, Discovery Channel in the U.S. co-produced the 2nd series of 13 half-hour episodes with the creators of the series, Australia's Storyteller Productions, for Animal Planet. At this point Animal X episodes generally had 3 stories, with one exception: "The Skookum Cast". This was a joint expedition between Animal X and the BFRO which discovered the Skookum Cast, said to be an imprint of the body of a bigfoot.

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1) Australia : DANGEROUS DINGOES (DUR: 9'56)
Lindy Chamberlain speaks exclusively to Animal X about why she believes a dingo took her baby. Australia's most infamous and mysterious animal case - the disappearance of Azaria Chamberlain from her tent at Ayers Rock in August 1980. Lindy Chamberlain claimed that Azaria was taken by a dingo. An investigation involving the police, forensic experts and Aboriginal trackers followed but was inconclusive. This led to a controversial court case which found Lindy guilty of murdering her daughter Azaria. Lindy was sent to jail, however a subsequent hearing later exonerated her.

2) Turkey : FLESH EATING FISH (DUR: 7'10)
A small village high in the mountains of Eastern Turkey is a place where miracles happen everyday. Psoriasis sufferers travel in their thousands to the hot springs of Cermik to have their debilitating disease cured by the mysterious Doctor Fish. There are said to be three types of Doctor Fish which work as a team: the striker peels away the patient's flaky skin; the sucker draws the patient's blood; and the healer uses saliva to dress the wound. And the results are as smooth as a baby's bottom!

32) USA : BIG FOOT (DUR: 9'35)
During the last century large primates of up to eight feet tall have been spotted across the United States. Although 'Big Foot', as the beast has become known, has been sighted in every state, sightings are concentrated in the remote mountainous parts of the country. In October 1958 a group of loggers came across several human-like footprints in a remote part of the Northern Californian woods. The footprints ranged in length from 12 to 17 inches long and about 7 inches wide. Big Foot was spotted by several other road construction workers as they hacked a ribbon of civilisation further into the dense bush. Since then the animal that the Indians call Sasquatch has fascinated adventurers. For three weeks last August a team of experts went into the remote Siskiyou Mountains in Northern California looking for some answers. Secretary of the International Society of Cryptozoology, Richard Greenwell, his son Darwin, Primatologist Jeffrey Meldrum and their mountain guide Mark Slack found no proof of the existence of Big Foot. But their experiences added up to a strong case in favour of the creature's presence. The group found several sets of human-like tracks, measuring up to 16 inches in length. They heard howls and their camp was visited by animals that they couldn't explain away as bears. Animal X obtained exclusive material from the team's expedition into the wilderness. Richard Greenwell suggests Big Foot may be related to the Gigantopithecus that roamed China 300,000 years ago. He suggests that it may have crossed the Bering land bridge from Asia and into North America and remained in the forests, leading a largely reclusive life.

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