Annihilation of pension funds and savings:"swiss" UBS detail

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Last Prophet explained 2007 the basics about the illuminati script "Collapse of major banks": to fulfill the goal of annihilation of pension funds and savings of HUMAN CATTLE.
Last Prophet explained 2007 the "swiss" bank UBS detail in that script.
5 years later, the latest developments confirm the importance of that detail, as the script is about to come to an end.
COUNTDOWN [/i]9 ... 8... 7 days before illuminati launch supervised ethnic cvil war.
TODAY's Breaking NEWS, October 30, 2012
Swiss bank UBS to cut 10,000 jobs as it ends some trading operations, trims investment banking ... ment-unit/

=== REMINDER (published 9th July 2012)
If you continue to click the "news" served on a daily basis about "Bank X downgraded by rating agency Y" (1), "Bank X bailed out by 'gov' Y", Bank X gets Financial Injection of Y billion euro/dollars" (2) then you are a beast brainwashed by the BEAST (illuminati). (3)

In == X days == pension funds and savings of HUMAN CATTLE will be officially declared defunct, as explained by LAST PROPHET long ago.

Poster comments: (4)
"The news would be if Moody's wasn't downgrading some European bank. Its almost daily now, and to be honest has lost any meaning."
Last Prophet replies:
Ever heard of psy-op?
Well, the goal of this psy-op was explained long ago by Last Prophet.

Googling Collapse of Major Banks ... ... r+Banks%22
... angelic google returns the words of LAST PROPHET in first two of the first 10 results
"swiss" UBS to be used as milestone ...
14 posts - 7 authors - Last post: 13 Jul 2008
Choosing the "swiss" UBS (1) to officially enter the phase of "collapse of major banks", which in the timeline is located at the end of illuminati ... ... ti-to.html

(1) ... ngraded%22
(2) ... ils+out%22
(4) From June 2012 thread, where a beast has the 1000th panic attack of the last years of illuminati overtime
"Moody's to downgrade Spanish Banks in the next few hours! HOLY S**T!!"


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PostMon Nov 26, 2012 7:39 pm » by Mattmarriott

Script explained worldwide FIRST and so far ONLY by the VERY LAST Prophet nears completion:
UBS fined. Black Rogue trader lost $2.3 billion.
The Associated Press / November 26, 2012
This September 2012 file photo shows former trader Kweku Adoboli leaving Southwark Crown Court in London. UBS was fined $47.6 million for failure to stop Adoboli from losing $2.3 billion in bad trades. ... .3-billion

November 2012: "Obama" tears -THE FIRST EVER real BREAKING NEWS about actor playing "Obama": he is not completely a BEAST

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PostWed Dec 19, 2012 2:18 pm » by Mattmarriott

The curtain is about to fall with UBS starring, as predicted by Last Prophet in 2007, :
December 19, 2012
"UBS admits fraud in Libor Scandal "
The penalty agreed with U.S., UK and Swiss regulators is more than three times the $450 million fine levied on Britain's Barclays in June, also for rigging the Libor benchmark rate used to price financial contracts around the globe.
It is the second-largest fine paid by a bank and comes a week after Britain's HSBC agreed to pay the biggest ever penalty - $1.92 billion - to settle a probe in the United States into laundering money for drug cartels.
The revelations are another blow to UBS, which has had a tough 18 months after suffering a $2.3 billion loss in a rogue trading scandal, management upheaval and thousands of job cuts.

UBS said it will pay $1.2 billion to the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), 160 million pounds to the UK's Financial Services Authority and 59 million Swiss francs from its estimated profit to Swiss regulator Finma.

Britain's financial regulator said at least 45 people were involved in the rigging across three continents, which took place across a range of Libor currencies. It involved senior managers at UBS directing traders to keep Libor submissions low in order to give the impression that the bank was able to borrow more cheaply than it would actually have been able to do so.

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