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PostTue Sep 25, 2012 9:10 pm » by Nedroj

Ill posted the vid in the forum on ats and asked if this is who they are. my post lived for a very short time. Then ill posted a second vid i found on youtube and that one was removed very fast . Ill belive the anonymous vid is exactly how it is. :vomit:

Thank you so very much for DiscloseTV . We got the most intresting people , videos , topics etc etc .The perfect ingridients to spend ours and ours for a good time. :flop:

:cheers: to all of you DTV,ers

Hehe they removed my posts 4 times now.

"We seek to promote discussion and debate in way that pushes the discussion in a positive way. Your post was so far off-topic, after our staff has announced that discussion must remain on-topic, that we had no choice but to remove it. " <--- Bullshit
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PostTue Sep 25, 2012 9:19 pm » by Vulcanic

well i will be honest, if i owned the pc i use or if i paid for the online service here or if i ever used my real name or address on any site, i would be pissed if my (name house address) was sold without my permission and a cut of the money because thats is personal thing, and no one should have the right to sell that kind of information. (in a perfect world)

put it this way would any mod here give us there name address so we can sell it? as for work overhead we can say same thing, i put 1000's hours into this could build the best site in the world but without us it's worthless but it feels like , hey you put alot work into this place and your reward is we are going to sell you and you get nothing for your time and we don't know where your information is going how it's being used who are all people who will see and have access to it, will it be secure?

these are things i would want to know

if a stranger came up to you said hey 5 bucks give me your name address would you give them it without a reason why?

what departmentalized agencies are getting our information, and why don't we have the right to know who gets it and if it's secure or not?

i'm sure there are laws protecting thiefs to sell people personal info but it is wrong,, how do i know someone from one of these departmentalized agencies don't live by me and how do i know if his night time job is robbing houses?

or child killer or sex offender?

i can see selling our activitys and such but names address's,, no one in the world needs that unless I give it to them.

and even that bugs me seeing i noticed long ago certain tv shows seem to be a few month behind our storys and i allways wonderd if some movie writers/tv series people read our forums here to come up with new ideas ,, doubt it but honestly you never really know...

but seeing i know for 100% fact no one has my name or address, all you might have is the people who own this pc and pay for the online service, if you going by the info i gave you then dtv made out like a bandit seeing it's not real LOL

but if it was ohhhhh i be mad as hell.. but MODS and DTV you know i love you and no disrespect to you at all seeing most sites do this stuff...but thats just how i feel about it, kinda creeps me out to be honest.

thank god i only write ancient history threads because, For those with all drug related threads they sold your name and address to the cops lol :clapper: you honestly never know :nails:

but no offence to anyone this is just how i see it right or wrong can't change how i feel.
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PostTue Sep 25, 2012 9:23 pm » by Nedroj

The57ironman wrote:
Mike2k12 wrote:Nice to see you're passing my details on to profit, If I had known that I would'nt of bothered signing up.
With all the advertising at the start of you're video's you would think you already make a fair bit, or atleast enough to cover some cheap webhosting as 50% of the time the site loads slow as heck anyway.
Just a thought. Also dont the users do most the work by uploading video's to DTV, all the mods do is comment like others and ban a few people if there naughty, Maybe delete a few duplicate video's haha.


......yeah , that's all the mods do is comment and ban a few people if they're naughty... :mrcool:


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"I haven't ever had any ambition in my life. I just drift from day to day with a stupid grin on my face."
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PostTue Sep 25, 2012 9:23 pm » by E6722maj

well, hi to any spooks here today :hiho:


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PostWed Sep 26, 2012 3:30 pm » by Rkobilan

There are many Great points being brought up here.

@Nedroj Sorry ATS treated you that way. Their loss! However, DiscloseTV's Gain !!

I asked this question here as, as you can see Above Top Secret would not allow any negativity to be posted about or against them true or not. I wondered if this site is doing something similar. As you can read be the level of response from the moderators and such they've not really given up any details as to how this site is owned and operated.

@Vulcanic I share your thoughts and continue to wonder about your questions and many others as I read the responses.


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