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Another CCTV Spectre at Liverpool's Croxteth Park - Video

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PostTue Aug 25, 2009 4:21 pm » by bugmenot

Another CCTV Spectre at Liverpool's Croxteth Park - Video :ghost: ... -24521937/



Upload to ghostly goings-on have been captured on CCTV at Croxteth Park. This is the second alleged ghost sighting caught on camera at the Edwardian country house this year.

Dave Moran, a security guard who spotted the ghostly figure, said: “I didn’t know what it was so I left the office to have a look but there was no one there.

“Later when I was speaking to the other security guards they told me about the sighting in March when a similar video of what they call the Croxteth phantom was captured.

“I was only covering for someone who was off, so don’t usually work in the park – it’s all a bit spooky.”

One theory among mediums is that the figure may be the ghost of former resident Hugh William Osbert Molyneux, the 7th and last Earl of Sefton, who died in 1972.

Generations of the Molyneux family, the Earls of Sefton, lived at Croxteth Hall from the sixteenth century.

It was bequeathed to the City of Liverpool by Hugh William Osbert Molyneux and his wife Josephine Gwynne. ... -24521937/ :ghost: :ghost:

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PostTue Aug 25, 2009 7:44 pm » by Teleterkji

I sense a restlessness with that phantom on the film.
I see him use the stairs,but he appears to have no physical relationship with the material world.
Could it be a crime scene he is trapped in?

One should send someone to help this soul find its rest.

Thank you for the video.

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PostTue Aug 25, 2009 7:52 pm » by Rizze

Ghost walks up staircase then somehow, apparently stays on ground level.
Never saw him, it jump? Weird
Those stairs bug, are at least five feet high to the balustrade.I've seen them, with my own eyes.

Very weird indeed.

"The greatest things on earth are us,supposedly.
Why don't we act accordingly, with humanity" Rizze

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PostFri Sep 18, 2009 1:24 pm » by Liberal

Why was the guy pointing a camera down there? Did I miss something or was this person filming nothing, when all of a sudden a "ghost" come into the scene?

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