Another Flash Just As I woke up

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PostWed Apr 27, 2011 11:53 am » by Pavmas

I had another flash as I woke up similar to other one one, The last on I have been looking where I posted it but cant find it so will keep looking.

1st flash was a few years ago i saw large grey buildings load and loads of them in an industrial estate with grass verges and slabbed paths outside, as I floated up to the top the buildings had glass roofs and inside all these buildings were growing lettuce, veg and all types of food, I knew it was in our time as the slabs on the path are the ones that we manufacture now, (i will find a link where I posted this) I just thought this a weird dream and told a few people and posted it on the web but now with nuclear fallout heading everywhere im not so sure it was weird.

This morning I woke up I was thinking of something else and a flash again, this time for no more than 4 second I saw pertrol rations sheets.
This was like and avery sticker a4 sheet of paper had big red writing saying PETROL RATION ALLOCATION and writing below the stickers that peel off

These happen quite a lot and and once got the lottery numbers that way 4, 10, 20 and the remaining 3 were in the 40s and I chose 42, 46 48, the numbers that came up were 41 44 45 but I won a £10 for 3 correct.
Another one I was wakened and saw a plane in the sky it was still and this lasted for 5 mins if the plane kept on moving it would have come down in Erdington ,Birmingham uk on the 22nd of dec at 10.30 am, there was four other people in the car and I pointed to this plane in the sky just sitting there with its nose facing downwards and not moving at at all, we sat and watched it for a few mins ( no plane crash has happened now.

Why am I putting this down here, because that many things happen and people have dreams about them but dont talk till after they happen, well im doing it before.

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