Another Obama Gitmo Official Resigns in Obama Smoke Screen E

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Another Obama Gitmo Official Resigns in Obama Smoke Screen Effort
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Posted on Friday, November 27, 2009 8:28:19 AM by Mobile Vulgus

Earlier this month President Obama fired Greg Craig, his main counsel on matters concerning the Guantanamo Bay Facility. And this week Obama sheds another one of his GITMO team with the resignation of Deputy Assistant Secretary for Defense for Detainee Policy Phillip Carter.

It appears that Obama's GITMO team is being systematically eliminated. One has to ask, why? The only real answer has to be that Obama is setting up some plausible deniability by firing or forcing the resignation of officials involved with GITMO policy. Once enough of these people are gone, Obama can look wide-eyed to the public and claim that he was badly served by his GITMO advisers and, therefore, it isn't his fault.

Unfortunately for Obama the failure is not with the henchman but with the chief hench, Obama himself. Obama has allowed Attny Gen. Holder to reveal his utter ignorance by pushing for civilian trials of some GITMO detainees while at the same time arbitrarily denying such a privilege to others. Obama has also backed this plan despite that there is no precedent in American history for such trials...

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