Anti-Gravity & Zero Point Energy Device Confirmed

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Anti-Gravity & Zero Point Energy Device Confirmed by Measurements in Morningstar Energy Box
For the first time, the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences (IASSPES) led by NASA scientist, Glen Robertson, will feature a breakthrough announcement by Paul Murad, Morgan Boardman and John Brandenburg from Morningstar Applied Physics, Inc. (Vienna, VA) of measurements on their “Morningstar Energy Box” which have replicated a Russian magnetic energy converter (MEC) invented by Vladimir Vitalievich Roschin (Moscow, RU) and Sergi Mikhailovich Godin (Moscow, RU) and was patented (6,822,361) in 2004. The patent is assigned to Energy & Propulsion Systems LLC (Valencia, CA)

Sergei M. Godin and Vladimir V. Roschin are group leaders at the High-Temperature Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

Photo of the Russian "MEC" that is claimed to self sustain while powering a 7 kilowatt load
Credit: Integrity Research Institute

A scientific paper on the MEC can be found at: ... _Godin.PDF

The Morningstar team “found similar phenomenon regarding temperature loss and the discrete magnetic walls during tests of the Energy Box”, which consists of a series of rotating, cylindrical magnets around a magnetic ring. These anomalous “magnetic walls” and regions of cool temperature, both occurring in the space surrounding the device, have never been duplicated before by any independent team prior to the Morningstar Physics team.

Today, with the precipitous rise in cost of fossil based fuels, the environmental concerns surrounding their extraction, the terrible pollution caused by their burning, and the crisis of global warming, what can we do quickly to solve these myriad problems? Until now, virtually only rhetoric has passed through the lips of our leaders; not action.

Recently, information concerning an amazing experimental device called a Magnetic Energy Converter has been released. It can produce both electricity and anti-gravity. One cannot overstate the importance of this invention designed by Sergei M. Godin and Vladimir Roshchin, physicists at the prestigious Russian Academy of Sciences.. These two scientists have published an article in Technical Physics Letters (Vol. 26, No. 24, p. 70) documenting their discovery. The article was also circulated by the US Department of Energy to a select number of recipients in the Advanced EM Group and has received very positive feedback from their scientists. A patent has been issued, with more to follow.

The Magnetic Energy Converter (MEC) prototype takes the form of a 1 meter disk, vaguely in the form of a toy gyroscope, with a stator around the core and a series of special rotating magnetic cylinders around the perimeter. The disk is attached to a shaft, which is coupled to a conventional generator to produce electricity. During testing, it required only a starter motor, and became self-sustaining at 300 RPM. The MEC prototype successfully produced 35% loss or gain of weight (depending on direction of rotation), and required a 5 to 7 kilowatt energy load to prevent a runaway condition. It also caused a temperature decrease of 6-8 degrees Celsius in the local vicinity, and created anomalous magnetic zones up to 15 meters around the device. It also displayed unexplained luminous horizontal bars surrounding the device when charged to a voltage of 15 kV (15,000 Volts).

The MEC – A Transducer

The MEC can fulfill both energy and propulsion needs efficiently and at low cost. The MEC can be thought of as a transducer; just as a microphone converts sound energy into electrical, the MEC, it is believed, taps into what is called zero point energy (ZPE). What is ZPE? Put simply, it is the energy that drives the whole universe, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy. But up until now, no one has presented a practical means to tap the ZPE.

No Pollution, No Waste, No Radioactivity

The MEC is a revolutionary discovery. Once rotating at a minimum speed, it requires no external energy source to keep it going! It is by no means a perpetual motion machine, as it requires zero point energy to sustain its rotation. Since there are no waste or pollution products created, MEC units designed for energy output will go a long way toward solving both the pollution and global warming problems for the world. With the decline of the Concorde, the failure of the SpacePlane, the X-33, and the closing of the High Speed Civilian Transport decade of research, the MEC would be the perfect means to revive high speed transportation by providing the propulsion and antigravity characteristics necessary to shorten air travel times and to finally voyage beyond the earth.

The MEC –What Can It Do?

The MEC Electric Generator, when commercialized, will revolutionize the electrical energy sector by providing a low cost, reliable generator for traditional fixed as well as portable, remote or off-the-grid applications. The technology appears to be scalable: power a house or power a city. During the fossil fuel transition period to full MEC power generation, individual MECs may be connected to an energy controller to produce and sell back excess electrical energy to the electrical grid, immediately reducing the amount of fossil fuels required for other users. Bear in mind, the MEC creates no pollution.

The MEC Engine

Potential applications for this technology include all sizes and types of land, sea and air vehicles. The MEC engine, when manufactured, would revolutionize the transportation sector by replacing the conventional gasoline and diesel engine in automobiles, trucks, ships, etc.

One beneficial effect of the device losing apparent weight is that vehicle gross weight would be partially reduced during operation, requiring less energy for transport thus reducing wear and tear on mechanical parts (tires, brakes, transmissions etc.)

Surplus electrical energy would be available to power other devices in the vehicle such as lights, radio, heater etc. The MEC cooling effect could be harnessed for air conditioning and refrigeration. Vehicles of this type would not require consumption of fossil fuels of any kind (gasoline, diesel etc.).

The MEC Refrigerator would be developed to maximize the Magnetic Energy Converter’s cooling effect, present whenever it is in operation. It has the potential to revolutionize the production of cooling for residential, commercial refrigeration or air conditioning applications.

Since the MEC produces significant amounts of cooling, it could be used to augment air conditioning without using electricity from the electrical grid. Surplus electricity produced by the MEC could drastically reduce or eliminate the energy consumption required to cool office buildings, factories and homes. On days where additional cooling was not needed, surplus electricity produced by the MEC could be sold back to the electrical grid further reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

The MEC Aircraft/Spacecraft engine would be developed for the air and space transportation industry. It has the ability to be continuously controllable, producing unidirectional force. It can be used for forward thrust as well as upward thrust. Utilizing the MEC Engine aspect for the main power, the MEC would also revolutionize the transportation industry by providing a self-sustaining energy and propulsion combination.

As the Anti-gravity aspect of the MEC is further understood and developed, conventional aircraft engines and aircraft will become obsolete and spacecraft will at last become practical, opening up a whole new industry.

The MEC is a radically new type of energy conversion device. At the present time, there are no known commercially available systems comparable to the MEC.

Emissions Problems

We must realize that most of the world’s atmospheric carbon emissions are primarily (42%) due to automobile exhaust, and secondarily from coal burning for electricity production. The world’s transportation means have not changed significantly throughout the past 50 years. Even NASA has a Breakthrough Propulsion Project that encourages research into advanced forms of propulsion. Limited funding has been offered to a few scientists. However, no breakthroughs have occurred in the past several years of solicitations by NASA.

Integrity Research Institute

IRI has concluded an exclusive arrangement with the inventors, Sergei Godin and Vladimir Roshchin, to help them fund further research leading to actual production devices. IRI is a nonprofit corporation (IRS 501(c)3 tax status applied for) that is dedicated to energy research and education. IRI is currently looking for interested parties to help fund the MEC development project.

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it was about time to make public this kind of technology

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I read the "scientific" paper. This is based on the Searl machines, which means it doesn't work.

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