Anti-Gun Senator Shoots Intruder

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PostTue Dec 14, 2010 8:07 pm » by Spreadthetruth

He shouldn't be allowed to have a gun the Bastard!
Long time Anti-Gun Advocate State Senator R.C. Soles, 74, shot one of two intruders at his home just outside Tabor City , N.C. about 5 p.m. Sunday, the prosecutor for the politician's home county said.
The intruder, Kyle Blackburn, was taken to a South Carolina hospital, but the injuries were not reported to be life-threatening, according to Rex Gore, district attorney for Columbus, Bladen andBrunswick counties.. ... ruder.html

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PostTue Dec 14, 2010 8:09 pm » by sockpuppet

Maybe he'll have a change of heart.
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PostTue Dec 14, 2010 8:45 pm » by Samkenman

See...thats the problem with politics today..... hypocritical people everywhere....
"You can't own a gun....but I can and if you try to break into my home, I'll shot you!"....What a crock of Sh****.

There aren't many things that I believe would start a revolution in this country...too many people don't care enough......but one thing for sure would....and that is taking our guns. The state I live in is full literally full of gun owners....More people own guns here than those who do not. Hell...there are 5 gun ranges within 30 minutes drive of my house. These guns owners would rather die than give up their guns. My parents own several hunting rifles and pistols..Both of my older brothers own several guns..pistols, rifles, shotguns...ect. All of us combined probably own 30+ guns of one type or another...and that is just my family....Not to mention several I have friends that are avid gun enthusiasts and collectors.

If the government tries to ban/take our guns...there will be a civil doubt!!!
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PostTue Dec 14, 2010 8:58 pm » by Constabul

sockpuppet wrote:Maybe he'll have a change of heart.

no, he is still against You having a gun,
politicians... that is another class of people.<Modern day term for Nobility>
the Military and police, are there to protect the interests of said politicians and elite socialites.
You having a gun is a threat to the paradigm of power.

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PostTue Dec 14, 2010 9:24 pm » by Samkenman

The police are practically non-existent here in Kentucky. It is state law that an officer has to witness an assault/harassment before they can make an arrest or file charges on behalf of the victim. other words....I can walk down the street, beat the crap out of someone and so long as I'm not caught on camera, or witness doing it by an officer...there will be no charges filed against me.

My wife was assaulted at a local store several months ago by an X-neighbor....Left over hate from a property line dispute in where they eventually moved because we would not let them erect a fence 2 meters into our property....nearly 6 feet inside the property line. The mother and daughter of the family entered the store as my wife was approaching the check out line with a cart of groceries. They began screaming and cursing my wife even after not having see her/us for several months. The daughter poked my wife in the eye with her fingernails and then struck her on the side of the head. The store manager called the cops and the Mother and daughter continued into the store for shopping. The manager had several employees cover the exits and several more begin searching the store for the assailants. When the cops arrived and were told that the women were still in the store, they refused to search the store or give chase. When they were told that the incident was caught on store security cameras, they refused to view it. The cops didn't even want to file a report at my wife's request, but finally did after the store manager demanded it (for insurance purposes)....

Nothing was done until we went to the county attorney office to file a formal complaint. The county attorney wasn't very interested in the case and we had to talk him into (practically begging) issuing an order for the security tapes. The tape was finally viewed 2 weeks later and arrest warrants signed by a judge.....That was nearly 9 months ago and the case is still pending in court.

So basically.... if you live in Kentucky, you are on your own and you better have some means of defending yourself and your family, because the cops won't do it and the courts are not interested.

My wife now carries pepper spray and a knife everywhere she goes...that is until we can afford to buy her a suitable pistol and a concealed and carry permit.

Sorry that was a little long winded....but thats how it flies here in much so we have a saying.... O.I.K....meaning Only In Kentucky...
Take it easy...and if its easy...take it twice!!

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PostTue Dec 14, 2010 9:43 pm » by Lowsix

BAH, missed him...Sam check in when you can, i have a thread with your name on it.
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