Anti-Semitic Surge in Australia

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Jews are experiencing a drastic rise in anti-Semitism in the Land Down Under.
By Callum Wood


Burning Israeli flags, violent protests, discrimination and other forms of anti-Semitism are common in the Arabic world and shockingly common in Europe. Yet the worldwide scope of this attitude is understood by so few! Take the example of one nation far-removed from the turmoil in the Middle East and Europe: Australia.

The Land Down Under is a prime example of the rise of anti-Semitism and the hatred of Israel in a nation that historically has been a close ally of the Israeli people.

Following are just a few of the incidents that show the magnitude of anti-Israeli sentiment now boiling in Australian society.

Not all acts involve a raging, chanting crowd. For instance, on July 10 a man wearing an Israel Defense Forces T-shirt was ambushed in Melbourne. The man was jumped on a suburban side street by attackers yelling, “Allahu akbar!” They then proceeded to punch and drag the man on the curbside. His assailants fled only after the man fought back. ... ttack.html

On July 23, pro-Palestinian students stormed a government office, stole an Australian and Israeli flag, and then burned them on the steps of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Melbourne. The brazen flag-burning was condemned but received barely a mention in local news. ... lags/36549

On July 25, a Jewish school in Perth was defaced with the words “Zionist scum,” leaving students and parents fearful of more attacks on Jewish targets.


Only 12 days later, August 6, eight male teenagers boarded a bus in Sydney carrying Jewish students ages 5-to-12. Terrified parents received panicked calls from their children as the young men screamed, “Free Palestine!” and “Heil Hitler!” The teenagers threatened to cut the children’s throats, reminiscent of the horrific attack in the West Bank city of Itamar on March 11, 2011, when the Jewish Fogel family members were murdered in their beds. ... 7016971957

While nobody was hurt in the bus incident, it has prompted heightened security for Jewish children. Heavily armed guards patrolling the school grounds and an armed escort driving behind the bus on its daily route are testimony to just how insecure the Jewish community feels in Australia.

On August 4, a visiting rabbi from Jerusalem was threatened and abused in a shopping mall by a group of youths. The rabbi and his assistant fled the mall parking lot in their car after the group started hitting and spitting on the vehicle. ... s/1.609019

But these events aren’t just random incidents by uneducated graffiti artists or mindless thugs. Anti-Semitism surges ahead in the academic community as well. At La Trobe University, photos and personal information on three Jewish students was posted around campus alongside a claim that they were supporters of genocide. As one commentator said, “All that was missing was the word ‘Wanted.’” An anti-Israel rally at the campus also called on students to seek out those three students and “undertake verbal abuse.” ... university

At Monash University, Jewish students were barred from entering debates because their viewpoint was too radical and they were not “progressive-thinking people.” Yet anyone who supported Hamas in Gaza—which kidnaps, murders and terrorizes Israeli citizens—was given a free pass. ... heat/36865

Rallies such as those held on college campuses are becoming increasingly violent. Jewish lobby groups warn that the political protests are constantly being hijacked and turned into displays of racial hatred.

The problem snowballs when left-wing media churns out anti-Semitic material left, right and center. The Sydney Morning Herald was forced to apologize after it displayed a cartoon of a big-nosed Jew reclining in a lounge chair as he detonates a bomb in Gaza via his tv remote. The chair is adorned with the Israeli Star of David, and he displays a prominent kippah on his head. While the paper apologized for the cartoon, allowing it in the first place shows that nobody thought twice about portraying the Israeli people that way. ... on-slamme/?

While these attacks on the street and on college campuses are premeditated, there are signs that hatred of Israel doesn’t have to wait for a group of thugs to get together or a rally to be held. Ladies exiting a kosher grocery store were abused by passersby simply for shopping in such an establishment. The general public is more and more frequently expressing an aggressive anti-Israel opinion.

Across Australia, anti-Semitism is growing. The Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ecaj) publishes an annual Report on Anti-Semitism in Australia. From 2011 to 2012, there were 543 recorded anti-Semitic incidents in Australia. That grew by 21 percent over the 2012-2013 time period, rising to 657 incidents. Such incidents included assault, face-to-face abuse, property vandalism, graffiti, hate mail and other forms of anti-Semitic harassment. ... australia/

Israel may be more than 7,500 miles from Australia, but Jews in Australia are frequently finding themselves in the firing line as anti-Semitism and a hatred of the Jews expands into every layer of Australian society.

You only have to listen to the jeering crowds and watch the ongoing attacks to understand where this is leading.

As former Canadian Justice Minister Irwin Cotler stated, “The Holocaust did not begin in the gas chambers—it began with words.” ... with-words

Today those words are being sounded loudly in Australia and around the world. In a recent Trumpet Daily program, Stephen Flurry asked, “Could it be just a matter of people who are riled up against the recent bloodshed in Gaza? Could it be just a matter of people who hate the State of Israel, but who love non-Israeli Jews?” His resounding answer: “No.” ... deal-right

We need to understand the danger of letting anti-Semitism go unchecked. Is anti-Semitism around the world—including in Australia—paving the way for another holocaust? To answer these questions for yourself, go back and watch the Trumpet Daily titled “Why So Much Hatred for Jews?” ... d-for-jews

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It saddens me when Jews suffer for the crimes of the Zionist.

The thing is They know their actions put all Jews abroad in danger.

Does it bother them? I think not.
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PostMon Aug 18, 2014 11:13 am » by Dr.Abraham

I am not Anti semetic ....

At least I don't think I am ....heck I am even Muslim

Like my self I think people are just feed up with the Israel Gov.

And sadly they are acting out in a destructive way...

Sad really

May we all find peace .
Hold Fast ,Stand Strong...And this to shall pass

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PostTue Aug 19, 2014 3:01 am » by 99socks

Noentry wrote:It saddens me when Jews suffer for the crimes of the Zionist.

The thing is They know their actions put all Jews abroad in danger.

Does it bother them? I think not.

I had the same exact thought.

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PostTue Aug 19, 2014 10:03 am » by Harbin

There is danger at every turn. The Anglo-American empire seems to have the entire population of Jews across the globe mind kontrolled.

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UK Jews Demand Action from Silent Leadership - Jewish World - News - Arutz Sheva


Anti Semitism for me began in earnest upon discovering the 911 attacks were the work of Jews! There after upon learning of Adolf Hitler's Jewish roots, and finding the Holocaust and the Holodomor in the Ukraine and in Russia, were similarly the work of Jews!

The loathing extends to all Palestinian and Lebanese Semites, who have similarly turned from exposing Jew culpability, witness the dearth of 911 truth posts from that quarter. Made more intense after finding Jews have infiltrated the political and social order world wide, whence all decisions at government level, all political appointments, and all news reporting is at their behest.

Just as the null response to evidence there were no enemy airplanes at Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, shames the entire Japanese race, tribe and nation ..

So does the null response to evidence of Jew culpability for the 911 attacks, and the subsequent illegal and unjust wars, under the aegis of the War on Terror itself in alleged response to Moslem guilt, shame the entire US social and political hierarchy!


Thus "good" Jews will side with me and demand the politicos and police in Australia, answer charges stemming from the null response to the December 2006, killing of Katherine Schweitzer in Sydney, she claimed Jews sent her family to Auschwitz whence only she survived out of fourteen.

And the July 2000 Brisbane disappearance of Steven Goldsmith, who was in the company of a local policeman one night early in the same week he was reported missing, whose fate appears to be ground work for future charges Jews have been "disappeared," while nobody gave a good G-d damn because they were Jews!


Picture the WTC complex .. trials and executions are underway, in response to the 911 attacks and the subsequent cover up! Gallows are straining under the weight of US citizens, who conspired with traitor Jews in carrying out the attacks .. GWB's body is swinging beside Barak Obama's, Rummy is there dangling by his neck, Giuliani is hangin' alongside.

Condi has been beheaded in deference to good taste and human dignity, since oft times when a woman is hanged, her guts pops out from you-know-where! Now we have come to the Jews who were warned and saved themselves, to the tune of so many thousands, in response to which I have decided that mass gassing, is the most humane way of exing that many.

Forty bulldozers and a hundred Mack trucks are waiting, their engines idling, a glass walled gas chamber has been built .. investors in put option schemes that made millions, those who received warnings from NY synagogues, and the ones who distributed warnings are led inside.

Family groups have not been separated, there a few sporadic attempts at jocularity, and some small amount of singing as they shuffle in, then I seal the exits like the doors to the roofs on the WTC Towers were sealed..

The exhaust from the diesel engines in the trucks and bulldozers has been diverted into a header, I activate the mechanism that causes the engines to roar to life, then flick the switch that diverts the lethal fumes into the glass walled chamber, and I gas the Jews!

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PostTue Aug 19, 2014 12:22 pm » by Giovanni

99socks wrote:
Noentry wrote:It saddens me when Jews suffer for the crimes of the Zionist.

The thing is They know their actions put all Jews abroad in danger.

Does it bother them? I think not.

I had the same exact thought.

:cheers: :cheers:

Jews against Zionism

They’re numerous, outspoken, and range from secular to orthodox to one group calling itself “True Torah Jews Against Zionism.”

They believe that “traditional” Jews don’t support Zionism, an ideology they call “contrary to Jewish law and beliefs and the teachings of the Holy Torah.” They say Zionism:

– advocates “a political and military end to the Jewish exile;”
– fosters “pseudo-Judaism” based on secular nationalism;
– coercively seeks “armed materialism” in place of “a Divine and Torah centered understanding;”
– endangers all Jews worldwide;
– wants to disassociate Jews and traditional Judaism from ideological Zionism; and
– calls Israel a “Zionist State,” not a Jewish one.


– cite their concern for “peace and safety of all people throughout the world including those living in the Zionist state” and in Occupied Palestine;

– say from ancient times until 100 years ago, Jews and Arabs lived in peace and friendship until Zionism changed the relationship;

– believe Zionists abandoned the Torah and traditional Judaism, demanded political sovereignty over the Holy Land, and aroused anger in the Arab world; and

– Torah Jewry doesn’t recognize or support a Zionist state; nor do they represent world Jews; even the name “Israel” is a “forgery,” they believe, because the Torah forbids violence in the words of the prophet Isaiah who said:

“And they will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. No nation will lift its sword against any other, nor will they learn warfare anymore.”

Torah Jewry says that believing Zionism protects Jews is “probably the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the Jewish People” and accuses Zionists of fostering global anti-Semitism. “Indeed, hatred of Jews and Jewish suffering is the oxygen of the Zionist movement, and from the very beginning has been (used) to deliberately incite hatred to justify the existence of the Zionist state – this is, of course, Machiavellianism raised to the highest order.”

Zionist founder Theodor Herzl (1860-1904) said:

“It is essential that the suffering of Jews… becomes worse… this will assist in (the) realization of our plans… I have an excellent idea… I shall induce anti-semites to liquidate Jewish wealth…. The anti-semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-semites shall be our best friends.”

In 1920, other Zionists voiced similar ideas, including Nahum Goldmann, later president of the World Zionist Organization and World Jewish Congress head. Israel’s first president, Chaim Weizman, said Germany had too many Jews. In 1921, Jacob Klatzkin called for German Jews to undermine Jewish communities as a way to acquire a future state.

In 1963, Moshe Sharett (Israel’s second prime minister from 1953-1955) told the 38th Scandinavian Youth Federation Annual Congress that Jewish freedom imperiled Zionism. Delegates at the 26th World Zionist Congress were told that easing US anti-Semitism and freedom endangered Jews.

Torah Jewry disagrees in affirming its desire to live in peace with their Arab and Palestinian neighbors and abide by sacred commandments “with a perfect heart and to delight in the radiance of the sanctity of the Land.”

They believe: “Zionists have no right of any sovereignty over even one inch of the Holy Land. They do not represent the Jewish people in any way whatsoever. They have no right to speak in the name of the Jewish people.” Their ideology is “antithetical to Jewish law,” and because they don’t behave like Jews, “they desecrate the sanctity of the land.” They feel that when Israel is recognized as a Zionist, not a Jewish, state, “Jews worldwide will be able to live in peace” and do it alongside Arabs in the Middle East.

The Hidden History of Zionism

In his 1988 book, Ralph Schoenman explained four Zionist myths:

– the notion of “A land without people for a people without a land” to promote the fiction that an empty Palestine was there for the taking by its rightful original inhabitants;

– Israeli democracy, the only “real” one in the Middle East; in fact, Israel is democratic like South Africa was apartheid and much worse; “Civil liberty, due process and the most basic human rights” apply only for Jews;

– “security (is) the motor force of Israeli foreign policy” because it’s surrounded by hostile Arab states; and

– “Zionism (is) the moral legatee of the victims of the Holocaust… the most pervasive and insidious of the” Zionist myths; in fact, Zionists, like future prime minister Yitzhak Shamir, openly colluded with the Nazis for their own purposes – to use persecution as justification for a future Zionist state and more.

It wasn’t just to colonize Palestine. It was also to exploit indigenous people as cheap labor, dispossess and disperse them, replace them with arriving Jews, legitimize ethnic cleansing, and remove Palestinians from their land and history. Historical records were falsified. “Palestinians were re-invented as a semi-savage, nomadic remnant.” Mass elimination methods were justified for a “people too many.”

In 1923, hard line revisionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky argued that Arab nationalists opposed a Jewish state and wouldn’t accept one. Thus peaceful coexistence was unattainable, and Jews had to build “an iron wall of (superior) Jewish military force.” The idea was to discourage Arab hopes of destroying Israel followed by a negotiated settlement giving Israel the upper hand to dictate terms.

Terror was to be used the way Joseph Weitz, head of the Jewish Agency’s Colonization Department, wrote in 1940:

Between ourselves, it must be clear that there is no room for both peoples together in this country. We shall not achieve our goal if the Arabs are in this small country. There is no other way than to (get rid of) all of them. Not one village, not one tribe should be left.

The secret Koenig Report, later published in 1976, said: “We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population.”

Chairman Heilbrun of the Committee for the Re-Election of Tel Aviv mayor Shlomo Lahat (1974-1993) stated: “We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves.”

Former IDF Chief of Staff Raphael Eitan (1978-1983) said:

We declare openly that the Arabs have no right to settle on even one centimeter of Eretz Israel…. Force is all they do or ever will understand. We shall use the ultimate force until the Palestinians come crawling to us on all fours.

Other Israeli leaders voiced similar extremism, including David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister, saying in 1937 that “We must expel the Arabs and take their place and if we have to use force, to guarantee our own right to settle in those places – then we have force at our disposal.”

At inception, Zionists like Herzl were pragmatic, yet devious, in believing imperial power backing was needed to establish a Jewish state. It could have been anywhere, but Palestine was chosen for its symbolic significance as the ancient Jewish homeland. Colonization began after the first Zionist Congress in Basle, Switzerland in 1897. Herzl later wrote:

“At Basel, I founded the Jewish state…. If not in five years, then certainly in fifty everyone will realize it.” It took 51 by dispossessing indigenous Palestinians and replacing them with Jews. Ever since, Zionism’s most effective legitimacy claim is the notion of preventing another “Holocaust.” It’s justified the most outrageous crimes, characterized as “self-defense” by a tiny Jewish minority surrounded by hordes of hostile Arabs. It seized Palestinian land, Judaized it, created a new nation for Jews alone — undemocratic, imperial, militant, violent, exploitative, oppressive, racist, and hostile to core Judaic dogma.

It’s why growing thousands of Jews globally oppose an ideology based on power, conquest, dispossession, and violation of the most fundamental Jewish ethical and moral teachings, ones Zionists disdain.

Not In My Name

It calls itself a “predominantly Jewish organization deeply committed to a peaceful and just resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, a resolution that will provide safety, security and freedom for Jews, Palestinians, and all others living in this region.” It opposes:

– the illegal West Bank and Gaza occupations;
– the West Bank and East Jerusalem settlements;
– Israel’s Separation Wall;
– the collective punishment of millions of Occupied Palestinians and Israeli Arabs; and
– Israeli human rights abuses, home demolitions, land seizures, arbitrary arrests, torture, travel and movement restrictions, and closure and encirclements of villages and communities.

It champions Palestinian self-determination, the right of return, and “full equality, civil rights and economic justice for all.” It’s for a shared Jerusalem and nuclear-free Middle East. It wants an end to violence and injustice and the equitable sharing of vital resources, including water, oil, gas, electric power, and all other essentials to life and well-being. It wants all US aid stopped until Israel ends its occupation and acts like a civilized state.

It deplores Zionism and what it represents. It’s activists have chapters around the world. They organize protests and demonstrations, hold vigils and religious ceremonies, communicate with the media, foster dialogue between Jews and Palestinians, sponsor teach-ins, educational forums and study groups.

They believe that moral human beings are obligated “to speak out and take action.” They refuse to remain silent or accept Israeli crimes passively. They’re one among other like-minded organizations that say “Not In My Name.” Not now or ever.

Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP)

JVP is “a diverse and democratic community of activists inspired by Jewish tradition to work together for peace, social justice, and human rights.” They support the aspirations of Israelis and Palestinians for security and self-determination. Their agenda mirrors Not In My Name and states that “We are among the many American Jews who say to the US and Israeli governments: “Not in our names!”

They call on America and the international community to end wars and violence and support Palestinian self-determination free from occupation and oppression. They headline: “Israelis and Palestinians. Two Peoples, One Future,” free from Zionist oppression.

Brit Tzedek V’Shalom

It’s a Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace calling itself “America’s largest grassroots Jewish organization dedicated to promoting a negotiated two-state resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” With around 50,000 supporters, including over 1,000 rabbis, they educate and organize the US Jewish community for a US foreign policy supportive of Israelis and Palestinians alike. It conducts campaigns, holds conferences, sponsors tours, and engages in various other activist efforts.

Its founding principles include:

– evacuating Israeli settlements;
– non-violent solutions in place of state terrorism and “state-initiated violence;”
– “a complete end to the Israeli military occupation,” including over East Jerusalem;
– a viable Palestinian state based on pre-1967 borders;
– Jerusalem as the capital of both states, free and open to all Muslims, Jews, Christians and others;
– “a just resolution of the Palestinian refugee problem;” and
– “the recognition that (US) Jews… have a special responsibility to urge (their) government to pursue policies consistent with the requirements of a just peace for Israel and the Palestinian people.”


It publishes articles on social theory, religion and spirituality, social change, contemporary American and global politics and economics, Israel/Palestine, and other topics. It features issues that “both advance the pursuit of tikkun olam — social justice and the repair of the world — and break down issues of contemporary concern in completely new and thoughtful ways.” It supports progressive spirituality and challenges established orthodoxies in all spheres of thought and politics. It’s “dedicated to healing and transforming (a troubled) world.”

Its editor is Rabbi Michael Lerner, author of The Left Hand of God: Taking Our Country Back from the Religious Right, and Jewish Renewal: A Path to Healing and Transformation. On May 8, 2008 in the Huffington Post, “On Zionism, Healing, and Israel’s 60th Anniversary,” he noted how Palestinians were dispossessed of their homes and villages by Jews “determined to be as ruthless towards others as others had been towards” them. “Yet, there are alternatives” not taken so conflict ever since has persisted.

As for Zionism, he described what emerged as “fundamentally incompatible with the highest values of the Jewish tradition, and must be rejected even as we develop a compassionate attitude toward the Jewish people of Israel.” To preserve Judaism, Lerner quotes the following Torah injunction:

“When you come into your land, do not oppress the stranger: remember that you were strangers in the land of Egypt. A Jewish state that has been unwilling or unable to live by that command has no religious foundation and can generate no lasting support from those committed to God and Torah.”

Doing it right requires abandoning “a naive utopian fantasy” and building a society based on “open-heartedness, compassion and caring for others….” Abandoning Zionist extremism for traditional Jewish moral values is essential.


They’re “Jews Not Zionists” and quote Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum in 1958 speaking out against Zionist heresy:

… if we place all the immodesty and promiscuity of the generation and the many sins of the world on one side of the scale, and the Zionist state on the other side of the scale by itself, it would outweigh them all. Zionism is the greatest form of spiritual impurity in the entire world. (It’s) polluting the entire world. (It’s) polluted the Jewish people with (its) heresy…. Everything our blessed rabbis cried out about earlier in the century about the dangers of Zionism (have) been forgotten…. It is impossible to describe to what extent the world has become sunken in such a falsehood which is destroying the entire Torah.

Jews Not Zionists believe that Zionism is heresy, and “the existence of the so-called ‘State of Israel’ is illegitimate.” Zionism violated Torah doctrine, the very essence of Judaism. It believes that human life is sacred and human rights aren’t to be denied by those who would sacrifice them for national security or any other reason.

“Judaism and Zionism are by no means the same. Indeed they are incompatible and irreconcilable.” Good Jews can’t be Zionists, and Zionists can’t be good Jews. According to Jewish tradition, seven universal Noacide morality laws apply to everyone. Also the Ten Commandments for all monotheistic religions, and another 613 obligatory laws for traditional Jews.

They eschew violence, military power, and brute force. They’re about morality and spiritual purity. Zionists made belief in the Torah and fulfillment of religious obligations a private matter, not a common obligation for all Jews. They made Judaic dogma subject to party or parliamentary votes and set their own ethical and moral standards, suiting them alone.

Many times in Jewish history, an extremist minority misled the majority. Worshiping the golden calf happened earlier. Today it’s political Zionism. Before its emergence, piety, decency, learning, and belief in justice and mercy characterized most Jewish leaders. Now they’re the minority. It’s why they believe a good Jew can’t be a Zionist, and a Zionist can’t be a good Jew and aren’t the legitimate spokespersons for anyone but themselves. From a religious point of view, they’re heretics.

Jews Against Racist Zionism

They include distinguished figures who speak out for “anti-racist Jews and indeed all anti-racist humanitarians.” They decry “anti-Arab anti-Semitic racist Zionists running Apartheid Israel and their Western backers.” They’re appalled by the continuing Palestinian, Iraqi, and Afghan genocides that have killed and dispossessed millions. They see Zionism as a threat to all Jews and humanity unless something is done to stop it.

Neturei Karta International (NKI)

NKI is an Aramaic term for “Guardians of the City,” given to a group of Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem who “opposed the establishment of and retain all opposition to the existence of the so-called ‘State of Israel!’ ” They demonstrate publicly and state their belief in the Torah and “authentic unadulterated Judaism.”

In 1938, NKI was founded in Jerusalem to struggle against Zionism. Most of its members now live outside Israel, many in New York where they’re prominent, vocal, and ignored by the dominant media.

For refusing to accept Zionism, they were harassed, incarcerated, and physically tortured by “Zionist police and agents.” As a result, they scattered internationally and established synagogues, educational institutions, publishing houses and organizations espousing their beliefs.

They’re orthodox, but not ultra-orthodox or extremist. They’ve “added nothing to nor have taken anything away from the written and oral law of the Torah as it is expressed in the Halacha (traditional Jewish law) and the Shulchan Aruch (codification of Jewish law).”

They’re allied with many thousands of other Jews sharing similar anti-Zionist views. They oppose the “State of Israel (because) the entire concept of a sovereign Jewish state is contrary to Jewish law.” It conflicts with traditional Judaism.

They quote Talmudic doctrine teaching that Jews are prohibited from using force to establish a Jewish state or to rebel against other nations. “Jews are not allowed to dominate, kill, harm or demean another people and are not allowed to have anything to do with the Zionist enterprise, their political meddling and their wars.”

The true Jews remain faithful to Jewish belief and are not contaminated with Zionism. The true Jews are against dispossessing the Arabs of their land and homes. According to the Torah, the land should be returned to them…. The world must know that the Zionists have illegitimately seized the name Israel and have no right to speak in the name of the Jewish people!

NKI seeks peace and reconciliation with people of all faiths and nations. Of greatest concern is reconciling with the Muslim world after decades of Zionist abuses. They support peace, justice, and the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland.

They decry Zionist propaganda, bullying tactics, censorship and lies. Its weapon is state terror. Its dogma is a profound disregard for human life and moral values. Its false idol is a “lack of truth on its side.”

NKI notes how greater numbers of people now question Zionism, its version of history, and values. They blame it for massive bloodshed and suffering and believe they’ll be no Middle East peace until there’s no more State of Israel, at least under Zionism. They think that a coalition of anti-Zionist Jews and Palestinians can unite as a moral force for peace and good in the world. They welcome the abolition of Zionism “in a peaceful manner.”

“We’re not celebrating Israel’s anniversary”

In a public April 30, 2008 petition, Harold Pinter was among 105 prominent Jews who said “we… will not be celebrating” Israel’s May 2008 60th anniversary. They noted the 1948 slaughter and dispossession of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, the destruction of their villages, their erasure from history, the 1967 occupation, the continued persecution for decades, the defiling of international law, and utter contempt for human rights and peaceful coexistence. They stated:

“We cannot celebrate the birthday of a state founded on terrorism, massacres and the dispossession of another people from their land. We cannot celebrate the birthday of a state that even now engages in ethnic cleansing, that violates international law, that is inflicting a monstrous collective punishment on the civilian population of Gaza and that continues to deny to Palestinians their human rights and national aspirations.”

“We will celebrate when Arab and Jew live as equals in a peaceful Middle East,” something impossible under Zionism.

A Final Comment

At its core, Zionism is fundamentally racist, extremist, undemocratic, and militant:

– in espousing Jewish supremacy, exceptionalism, and uniqueness as God’s “chosen people;”
– in relying on occupation, oppression, violence and dispossession;
– in justifying a Jewish ethnocracy based on structural inequalities;
– in ruling by force, not coexistence;
– in choosing confrontation over diplomacy and the rule of law; and
– by denying Arabs and all others the same rights as Jews.

No ideology that destructive can endure. No regional peace and reconciliation is possible until it’s repudiated. ... zionism-2/
Warning! Spoiler:
You Little Curious Mother fucker

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PostWed Aug 20, 2014 12:25 pm » by Noentry

"The third-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the majority.
The second-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the minority.
The first-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking."
A. A. Milne

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PostWed Aug 20, 2014 1:03 pm » by Rich316

Geez he's scraping the barrel isn't he? I think you'll find isolated incidents like this all over the world. Yeah blame the media and how they potray the Jews along with the fact that I think most aussies, myself included, are just sick to fucking death of hearing about the ongoing dramas in the middle east. We should have a media blackout and on it all and forget about it because I could not give a single fuck about any of it. I cared 20 years ago, but now it's infiltrated my life too much and I want it gone.

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PostWed Aug 20, 2014 1:05 pm » by Noentry

Rich316 wrote:Geez he's scraping the barrel isn't he? I think you'll find isolated incidents like this all over the world. Yeah blame the media and how they potray the Jews along with the fact that I think most aussies, myself included, are just sick to fucking death of hearing about the ongoing dramas in the middle east. We should have a media blackout and on it all and forget about it because I could not give a single fuck about any of it. I cared 20 years ago, but now it's infiltrated my life too much and I want it gone.

Imagine what you would feel after 20 years, if you lived it instead of just watching it on tv.
"The third-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the majority.
The second-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the minority.
The first-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking."
A. A. Milne


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