Antimatter Storms: Antimatter Found In Earth Thunderstorms

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Antimatter Storms: A space telescope has accidentally spotted thunderstorms on Earth producing beams of antimatter.

Antimatter storms give rise to fleeting sparks of light called terrestrial gamma-ray flashes. Results from the Fermi telescope show they also give out streams of electrons and their antimatter counterparts, positrons.

Thunderstorms are known to create tremendously high electric fields - evidenced by lightning strikes. Electrons in storm regions are accelerated by the fields, reaching speeds near that of light and emitting high-energy light rays - gamma rays - as they are deflected by atoms and molecules they encounter.

For one thousandth of a second, these flashes can produce as many charged particles from one flash as are passing through the entire Earth's atmosphere from all other processes.

Read more: ... z1Aw2w29K1

"One of the great things about the Gamma-ray Burst Monitor is that it detects flashes of gamma rays all across the cosmic scale," explained Julie McEnery, Fermi project scientist at Nasa.

Read more: ... z1Aw2zYzaB ... _1-12-2011

well,there you are folks.all our questions have been answered-ahead of time.
problems solved,one accident at a time.

every further incident ill be attributed to this BAFFLING new phenomena they discovered on accident.
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Next thing you know They are going to want to capture some :bang;
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oh,that's a must.
would 20 trillion in grants get you started?

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Fascinating.Truly. :flop:

I wonder if this will help explain sprites and other upper atmospheric anomalies?
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