Anunnaki Documentary help

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PostFri Jan 24, 2014 7:24 am » by Leland_Judsyn

Hi Chris, I can share the info I found. I went to Mesopotamia: Inventing Our World | Royal Ontario Museum in 2013 to research same thing. What I found there I put in a video called “Magi Mystery”. It proves the free masons are worshiping the Anunnaki who in turn are still in control of our government. Same thing Snowden documents leaked last week. "The US government really is controlled by aliens"

Take Care, Leland

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PostFri Jan 24, 2014 8:10 am » by Middleman

Leland Judsyn wrote:Same thing Snowden documents leaked last week. "The US government really is controlled by aliens"

Got a link from a credible source?

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PostFri Jan 24, 2014 4:01 pm » by Leland_Judsyn

I am not a expert on Snowden so I can't really say if all his sources are reliable. But we all know that Area 51 is real now and we all know no human is allowed to set foot on the base not even Obama. So it should be common sense that the USA government has been taken over.

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PostSun Jan 26, 2014 12:47 pm » by docmaker

Thanks for that Leland, will check that out asap.

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PostThu Feb 06, 2014 1:22 am » by Harbin


Did you get the amount of links that you want to shut down, or do you want more ?

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PostThu Feb 06, 2014 5:14 pm » by Domeika

I've read Sitchin's books and many others on the subject and have a few of my own theories.

First off, we are told that theirs (Annunaki) was a monarchy. To get to one political system AND reach a level of high technology could mean that their home world has no natural barriers like oceans or mountain ranges that can insulate one part of the planet from other events, or fall back safely to to prepare for war. On a planet like that, once power is wrested, it could be global and kept that way.

Assuming that is the case, one science would grow quickly and that is genetics. In a global monarchy, it would all be about blood line, and proving just how much blue blood a person has or does not have. That would've been paramount for any kind of government post.....especially a high one, but could've gone all the way down to dog catcher.

With that in mind, a race of beings from a planet like that would have a driving need to advance their knowledge of genetics because it would matter in everyday life.

So if looked at from that perspective, the Sumerian account of them creating humans instantly gains a lot more traction. The Sumerians tell us that it was 300 of them that landed to mine for gold, but that there was a revolt of sorts. Why? Well, any life-form not indiginous to this planet, even if their atmosphere was close to ours, still would not be able to perform as well as in their own environs. However, knowing that their masters possessed the skills to easily manipulate the genome would push them to action to create a creature that could follow direction and already be adapted to the enviromnet of Earth. Thus the revolt.....300 guys using shovels while the boss sits on a backhoe....hey boss....WTF!

That would explain where we came from, and why there is no "missing link" in the human evolutionary tale....ape (or some other pre-human hominid) to man.

And lastly, it would explain a lot about the attitude of the Annunaki in general.....wars to them involving the slaughter of thousands of humans would be no different then us playing "risk" for fun with mice as pawns. Whereas for themselves, punishment did not come easily.
The only instance where we hear of any kind of line being crossed and punishment being mentioned is for the mixing of their own blood/dna directly with their experiments (us). Apparently nothing else was off limits to them except that, and given what we are ourselves are just starting to find out now that actions can place markers on genes (and what else?) that could explain why it was considered so eggregious that they "defiled themselves". They might actually have meant that the act itself corrupted their dna and that is why they were supposedly imprisoned here (quarrantine) and not just taken back to their own world for punishment.

To make the story even murkier as it relates to the human genome, other pieces need to be plugged in as well, like the Dropa, who supposedly crashed here and inter-mingled with the Han tribe in China and also that of the Dogon who say their ancestors came from the "Dog Star", just to name a few possibilities of the further manipulation of the human genome as it relates to race.

just a thought


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