Influenza and Pregnacy has been linked to Autism

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Forget about pregnant women having the Flu shot and having Autistic kids .

The war is on for your mind .

Study Blames Pregnant Mothers Giving Children Autism By Contracting the Flu


A propaganda study recently published claims that Danish researchers are citing pregnant women who suffer from flu or a fever lasting more than 7 days were more likely to give birth to children who developed an autistic disorder.

The study asserts that children of mothers who had two or more instances of flu had a doubled-risk of being diagnosed with autism prior to the age of 3; as well as simply having a fever. Also attributed to the development of autism in children were the uses of a pharmaceutical grade anti-biotic during pregnancy.

This study gives governmental agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) an excuse to disregard scientific data correlating autism to the use of mercury-based preservatives like Thimerosal to the onset of autism. Other alarmist researchers claim these findings are “noteworthy” because of the extensive range of mother and children interviewed. The fact that the conclusions are bogus does not register with these so-called experts.

There were no differentiation between the wide range of possible infections that a pregnant woman could contract, nor the pharmacological drugs that would be prescribed to the pregnant woman by her doctor; yet there is an association between the contraction of flu and development of infantile autism.

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