Apparition at the Tunnel Bar, Union Station Restaurant,

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Apparition at the Tunnel Bar, Union Station Restaurant, Northampton, MA :ghost:

Is this an apparition/ghost? If so, are there two spectres, possibly dancing?

This photo was taken just prior to the image in question

The original full image

Image of the bar from website

Information from Lynn: "This is a the The Tunnel Bar at Union Station Restaurant in Northampton, Massachusetts. It is located downstairs from the restaurant, which is an old, beautiful railway station. People from the street level would enter the tunnel, go up the stairs and meet their trains many, many years ago."

"My daughter's friend has taken successive photos (2) in which the second photo taken a few seconds after the first shows a woman in 50's or 60's green and aqua dress with an updo hair style. She is floating in a tilted position with no legs. The arms and hands look oddly grey and odd looking in shape. She is near people sitting on barstools and is elevated slightly higher than they are. The person taking the photo said the woman was not there when she took the shot. No mention was made about the man behind her, however, he looks normal and could have gotten out of his seat and was heading towards the door."

"We would like to know if this is indeed a ghost. There are many orbs in the tunnel, which some could be dust, but there are a few larger ones also." :ghost:

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