Are We Clueless to What Really Went On In History

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PostTue Feb 02, 2010 7:56 pm » by Savwafair2012


It seems daily I am finding articles about how we have been wrong and a new discovery has surfaced about what really happened in history.

We are constantly changing our information and scientific viewpoint or adding new finds and insights to our thinking of what went on before we had accurate recorded history.

I tend to think we may have most of our past earth history wrong. Before we were able to correctly record the facts of history our knowledge of what really occurred in the past on earth is limited.

I do not think we have our dates lined up correctly or our understanding of what really happened in our past. Look at the feared year of 2012. As far as we know this may be 2012 or last year was 2012 or it will not happen for another 10 years. The more we discover and learn about history the less we seem to know.

I do know that there were many mistakes, renovations and changes made to the calendar systems used today. I also know that there has been an on going battle over the exact date of birth of Christ. There seems to be a give or take of at least 10 to 20 years. Many dates were lost or changed in the confusion of past civilization upheaval. Being sure of absolute fact seems nearly impossible.

Could we now be deep into the start of the 2012 area of time we were all warned of by those who lived before us? Could the horrors of Haiti along with an extremely cold winter worldwide be the hint we are now dealing with that which our ancestors tried to warn us all about?

I listen to different experts give us the findings of new cities being uncovered, new ancient camps being found and updates about the tools and way of life being far different then what we once were told. I think the facts of the past are still hidden. I also think the populations that lived before us were far less primitive then we thought they were.

I understand there are endless theories on how the people before us lived and died. I simply think we are missing many large pieces of what went on.

Many of nature’s cycles are getting ready to go through their normal routines. Before the development of our modern technology we have not been able to leave a clear record of what took place on earth by those who lived through the extremes of mother natures cycles.

We know earthquakes, volcanoes, and floods along with great storms caused havoc and destruction to past civilizations. However we do not have many missing parts of what really went on. We try to fit the pieces together yet we keep finding what we thought went on really did not happen the way we thought. Our concept of past history is a ongoing changing mystery.

Many of the predictions for 2012 are linked to the special alignment of the planets during the 2012 time period. I am sure the alignment is going to happen. I am just not sure if we have dates and warnings left by those who lived before us as precise as we believe them to be.

I think we are a bit confused and still in the process of learning what happened along with what is going to happen. Trying to make sense of life before clear written recorded history seems to be a on going revelation of new and strange events that send us forever rewriting history as we go.

Look at the discovery of the Boskop species named after the place their remains were first discovered in Boskop Africa. The Boskops were human like with small frail frames and extra large heads. The Boskops were thought to have very child like small faces however their brains were about 25% bigger then modern mans leaving them with average IQ’s of about 150 or higher.

Knowing this species of beings disappeared from the face of the earth goes along with our knowledge that the Neanderthals also disappeared. The fact remains we have no idea why both of these species that once walked the earth are no longer here.

It is a true mystery why the genius level species Boskops did not survive. They possessed the intelligence to compete with the earth and it s inhabitants. In fact they should have easily ruled their environment as well as other species of the time yet instead they disappeared along with their intelligence and strange looks.

It has been speculated by many that the Boskops were not native earthlings and their time needed on earth was short lived. We cannot disregard any theory about the Boskop species including alien theories. The truth is we have no idea why this group of super smart beings no longer exists. Looks like we are simply still not as bright as they were then!

As we read the new findings that keep coming to light it is evident we are truly confused on what happened as the earth populated and grew.

Discover Magazine reports that it now appears Hominids did not all walk out of Africa. They now think some left by rafts and were spreading faster by way of the sea then we thought was possible.

It is thought Homo Erectus navigated rafts across short stretches of sea in Indonesia around 800,000 years ago and that Neanderthals crossed the Strait of Gibraltar perhaps 60,000 years ago.

Recently researchers in Europe have reported finding the remains of a 7000 year old stone age man who had his arm amputated . The surgery had all the markings of a clean well done operation resulting in the man recovering to live a productive life. Other skeletons of that era have been found that also show signs of people not only preforming similar surgeries but that the patients survived. These discoveries certainly do not reflect our ideas of what we thought was happening on earth at that time in history.

Recently they discovered a lost city in the Brazil deep in the Amazon estimated to possibly date back as far as 200AD. The find of this city displays sophisticated pre-Colombian monument-building society. They feel it once held a population of 60,000 people, which were more people than in many medieval European cities.

I have to wonder what really took place during the time of many of the great civilizations that seemed to simply vanish. What truly happened to bring about their demise? Have we been able to correctly decipher history information left to us by those before us? Did we understand what we were being told?

Have we failed to realize that those living before us had a limited understanding of what was going on around them? Could it be that events happening around them that were attributed to the work of gods was instead the work of technology-based visitors?

Could the history left for us be confused or explained as divine interactions when they were intelligent beings based instead? Could many of the references to objects or beings from the sky have been our confused misunderstood reaction to other more advanced civilizations mixing with our less sophisticated earth population?

Could the advanced building complexes that have lasted thousands of years been designed and constructed by visiting advanced beings? Did the odd act of deforming human skulls to non human looking shapes have started to mimic other beings living or visiting our evolving civilizations ?Were Boskops still on earth and the ones pushing civilization forward? Are there pockets of Boskops still alive? Can the legend of advanced beings living inside our planet be Boskops that survived? Could earthlings who advanced that once roamed our land known as Boskops be the ones who man UFO’s?

There are so many questions and so little solid understanding of what whom and when things took place on this earth. I think we have only started to scratch the surface of understanding our past since we have entered our present and rather new era of technology. I am sure one day we will have all the answers. For now I think we need to keep open minds and realize we really do not know what happened in history as clearly as we think we do.

It would be wonderful to one-day find that somewhere out there video technology was available thousands of years ago. It would be incredible to see history as it really happened. It is doubtful that video will be showing soon but if it did I would be first in line to see it!

I will just have to keep wondering. As we evolve as beings we will continue to sew together the finds and facts of who and what walked before us. Some day mankind may have all of the answers. Until then I keep my mind open and my eyes open to my surroundings and to the sky.

I believe that all things in this universe will unfold exactly as they are suppose to. That includes the past present and future of all things in it. One day we will realize our fate and our part in the never-ending mystery of life as part of this universe. Until then, be careful out there. One never knows when one may come face to face with a Boskop or wandering Neanderthal!
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PostTue Feb 02, 2010 8:17 pm » by Juliusskywatche

Yes, There is no WE!

By definition, if the startingpoint are wrong you will arive at the wrong conclusion, and this means that, yes, you are Clueless!

Everybody has been trained by their TV to say WE when they really mean I, all of you have been trained to be very good Communist's, you love your Community and do everything in accordance to "your" Community, you are all Communist's, period.

Don't scream that you have been cheated by history and the Powerelite, wake up and do something, educate yourself instead of waiting in front of the TV for "them" to tell you!

There is a Maxim in Roman Law that states, let he who wants to be decieved, be decieved.

It's a matter of Free will, what do you want?
At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality.
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PostTue Feb 02, 2010 10:48 pm » by sockpuppet

"Whoever controls the past controls the future and whoever controls the present controls the past." -George Orwell
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PostTue Feb 02, 2010 11:25 pm » by Kingz

sockpuppet wrote:"Whoever controls the past controls the future and whoever controls the present controls the past." -George Orwell

His-Story ... the ones who were victorious after a battle / war wrote about the story...
hence: His Story
The Map Is Not The Territory, The Word Is Not The Object....

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PostTue Feb 02, 2010 11:57 pm » by Knownawareness


Until we realize that it just doesnt make sense to try and go from the words of a Historian.

A job. A being who has learnt to lie colourfully and hide all those little errors silence the real story and help program your mind with answers but limitations.

Keep you in your box. Keeping you in the most amazing illusion. Where you believe you have rights? and choices?

Dont you know that Earth is a Zoo?
Humans believe this because its mass mind programming. You are in control they tell you. So you dont question things or life.

How about this?

You are not in control
You are not the intelligent race on Earth
You are not free
You are born into this life ready for your programming from about 5 yrs old
This was never our planet (Human Beings)
Darkness and Light exist. ( say it cant and it will show you otherwise )

All you need is your mind back to start thinking for yourselves.

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