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PostFri May 11, 2012 11:18 am » by monica44

Flecktarn wrote:are you like me fed up waiting for official proof of alien life ,since i was a kid i have beleived in aliens and ufos visiting earth and waiting for that moment to come on the news that alien life exsists,,it also gets me when people say ,"within the next year "it never happens so im waiting yet again to see what happens with the disclouser project trying to push the us goverment in to owning up to what most of the world now beleives ,come on we can handle it, were grown up enough ,were not going to panic .
it would be nice just to see it in my lifetime ,how do you feel about it

I guess for those who believe the truth is out, but can you imagine the pandemonium that would ensue if the asleep/dumb/couldn't give a damn/braindead/morons who make up at least 80% of the population found out that Their churches lied to them, that things are not what they seem, there would be riots, gosh it does not even bear thinking about, on another note, when i had my first experience [or so i thought at the time] when i awoke somewhere other than my bed, i made the mistake of going to the doctor about it, it was a mistake because then i was subjected to a barrage of tests including psychiatric reports [all of which are fine] they could not attribute it to anything so assumed i must of had what the doctor now calls a "mental Episode" lol so i keep my mouth shut now and just smile nicely,i have my own proof, i have scoops and indentation marks all over my body so that is my proof.
We are not human beings on a spiritual journey, we are spiritual beings on a human journey; Stephen Covey. EDIT, spiritual beings trapped in a human experience/prison.

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PostFri May 11, 2012 12:05 pm » by Iwanci

Why do people assume that disclosure would spell the end of the churches and religions?
It could also mean the revitalisation of them... this could be the 'proof' religions need to justify their beliefs.
I used to believe that we as a race could not handle the truth, I have changed my mind.

In this day and age we are no longer shielded from events and the horrors of life. The inequities of man, the pain, the suffering, wars, the blatant mismanagement by our governments of our money, the depletion of resources, the raping of our environment and every other imaginable negative event...... has all been projected right into our lounge rooms... I believe today that people have been desensitised and can handle something as mid as the discovery of alien life.

Was this desensitisation deliberate or just the natural progression of our advancement? Maybe a little of both. Is it any wonder why we have seen a subtle yet dramatic change of minds by our leading scientists and religious leaders across faiths as to the existence of extraterrestrial life?

Are we there yet? Probably not, but I believe that soon we will be told parts of the truth. The question then becomes.... so what?

Stop what you are doing for 10 minutes. Stop and make yourself believe that you have just heard your political leaders disclose through the media that alien life does exist. Now think, what immediate affect does this have on your life? Answer...probably nothing much else than.. “I knew it” followed by an acute increase in your need to discover more detail. You would still continue your daily life as per normal... until, something else develops... and who knows what that could be.

I believe that we haven’t had disclosure as yet not because the government believes that we cannot handle the truth nor that our societies would come to a standstill. I believe there is a deeper motive why we are yet to be told. I believe that there are too many loose ends and too many people have been affected by the cover-ups, betrayal, persecution, deaths, not to mention all the angst caused between countries and who knows what the wars were truly fought over. So why wait? Through the passage of time we find one common occurrence, people who have been affected die and the rest that remain are so far removed from the facts that the past is never remembered in enough detail to cause real problems. All in all those responsible can also not be prosecuted, they too would have passed.

No one really fears that we cannot handle the truth about alien life, what they really fear is that we cannot handle the truth about the way our own governments have been dealing with this issue from the beginning.

For similar reasons why magicians never reveal their secrets, people don’t mind knowing the secret to magic, they just hate the fact that they couldn’t see it, and when they find out, the magician becomes less mystical and is seen as a ‘conman’ rather than a magic maker.

The evil that men do is only limited by the extent that it can be covered up... everything that falls outside this is eliminated in one way or another...
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PostThu May 17, 2012 12:15 pm » by Quezacotl

Marduk2012 wrote:Smart thoughts PhOenix, just look around you! Just look at the women today. Most of them or I should say all of them are affectet by the cosmetic commercials. That cosmetics cost the life many animals and they dont care . Consumption at all costs

Most but definitely not all - it would be reasonable to say that society is comprised of a large portion of sheep - the women who love fashion, cosmetics and mags and such and the men who fall into their own mass stereotype

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PostThu May 17, 2012 2:15 pm » by Flecktarn

and we are still wating for the proof ,even the hacker groups and wicki leaks have not give us anything on alien life or ufo's the purpose of haarp the real reason for chemi trails etc etc ,so will it be in my lifetime ?????

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PostThu May 17, 2012 6:03 pm » by Yuya63

I think lots of people have proof. It's evidence thats lacking. Seeing with my own eye's is proof, but what it is exactly, is another story.

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PostThu May 17, 2012 8:09 pm » by X-mog

Ph0enix wrote:Nah.. Not really. It would cause to much insanity. Most people live in such a fragile existence its scary. The slightest bump throws everything into a tail spin. The problem with admitting they're here, we know it, etc... is that the logical question would get asked," what's our plan?" And the truth would be "we don't really have one." The average person takes comfort in believing all this alien, nibiru, galactic alignment, NWO, FEMA Camp, NONSENSE to be the imginary squawkings of the dillusional. If they KNEW the truth about so many things, most people just can't handle it. They've been conditioned to not think and to not handle it and to not even wanna know... If anything is proof of what I'm saying, ask yourself this "how many people self educate on such subjects?" Why aren' there more of us who are at least trying to be "in the know?" That in itself is the proof. They don't wanna find out it might be true. Better to just not ask...

I heartily concur. Most people think the government in the USA is all buddy buddy with aliens but they watch too much TV I think. The shameful truth of the matter, indeed, is that even with their "ultra secret and sophisticated" toys 'n weaponry, they're totally oblivious to the intentions of these beings!

I think they know were being watched but the "who", "where", "why", and "what" remain blanks. Needless to say it would be silly to rule out the possibility that the world is nothing more than a giant petri dish that was created by these beings. Unless there's something I missed. I think I just paraphrased the holy scriptures into a single easy to understand paragraph! Is your head spinning yet? :ohno:

Is this theory too far fetched for those of you who, like myself, was conditioned to believe more in evolutionary biology?

Does this theory sound like blasphemy to any of you religiously convicted types?

I disagree. This is where scientists and religious people will find a common ground for a change. Let go of your hatred. Everyone knows they can't deny the possibility that they could have been wrong. If not, what makes you so certain?

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PostThu May 17, 2012 9:42 pm » by Yuya63

Look at how stressful something like moving, for instance, can be. Just imagine how stressed people would be after hearing the governments admit there really are aliens. I believe they are there, but i think i'd be stressed out if and when they land for all to see. Maybe, thats the whole ideal. Get people used to the thought that there could be aliens. That way, when they do come, it wont be so shocking.


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