Armed forces put Muslim Brotherhood on 48 hour notice

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Egyptian Armed forces put Muslim Brotherhood on 48 hour notice to resolve conflict.Millions of Egyptians have taken to the streets across the country to voice their dismay with the Egyptian president on the first anniversary of his inauguration. Marches and rallies took place in several places in the capital Cairo heading to both Liberation Square and the presidential palace.

The protesters began their march from various neighborhoods. The artists moved from the Ministry of Culture and the judges marched from the High Court.

Tamroud or Rebel is a petition campaign which the organizers say has managed to collect 22 million signatures calling to take away confidence from President Mohamed Morsi and calling for an early presidential election to take place.

The call for protest on June 30th was widely supported by all opposition political parties and movements.

Various marches including those for artists, judges and even police officers joined the protesters in the iconic Liberation Square.

Pro-Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood supporters also continued with their sit-in nearby the presidential palace, but no clashes were reported in the vicinity of the sit-in. However several Freedom and Justice HQs, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, were torched down by protesters.

2 press conferences were held by the presidency; during the first, the presidential spokesperson said the demonstrations were a reflection of the state of democracy in Egypt and that the president was closely following the situation with various government bodies to secure the protesters and state institutions.

During the second press conference, the presidential spokesperson stressed that the president had sought to start national dialog with opposition figures and he also acknowledged that the situation had reached a political deadlock.

Opposition figures had previously refused to engage in any national dialog without the president and government meeting some of their demands which include the removal of the appointed General Attorney and making amendments to the constitution.

Deadly clashes took place in protests around the country leaving several people dead and dozens injured mainly in Assuit and Beni Suif, raising fears that more clashes could take place.

Will Egypt's political factions miraculously find a way to avoid further clashes or will violence dictate what's next for Egypt is what will be revealed in the upcoming days and weeks.

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70 million people went to the streets.

70 million :shock:

As you can see the large majority of Muslims want the same what we want.

Muslims protesting on the streets against the Muslim brotherhood or more importantly religiously controlled gov.

The Egyptian Muslims showing us what a real protest is.

Now it is time for all you Islamophobes to eat your fucking words.
So whos gonna be first?
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