Assad ordered to go chemical, Erdogan to occupy Syria, Ahma

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MAKE NO MISTAKE: Illuminati ordered Assad to go chemical and will occupy Syria as last resort. Agent Ahmadinejad can NOT fall
18 months of genocide in Syria, following the first massacres at the city of Deraa, the syrian christian bastion, where the revolution began, February 2011.
MAKE NO MISTAKE: Illuminati ordered Assad to go chemical as Assad's forces are about to be wiped out as the urban guerrilla of the battle of Alepo proves.
The freedom fighters, portrayed by illuminati media as "more and more Al-Qaeda jihadists" are like at Misrata, Libya, winning again. This despite:
- NATO desperate attempts, using Iraq and Iran agents Maliki and Ahmadinejad, to rescue syrian Assad (1);
- Assad's air force pilots and iranian revolutinary guards (read nazi butchers) bombing millions of civilians and freedom fighters armed only with machine guns.

Illuminati can not let puppet Ahmadinejad fall.
Reminder: Ahmadinejad (and also Assad) plays a KEY role in the "Destruction of Israel" illuminati agenda. (2)

Syria: illuminati repeat the Libya fake war script to save puppets Gadaffi and Assad and prevent freedom fighters to take power
Exposing the fake war NATO v Gaddafi (3) can be reduced to a tweet of TIM HETHERINGTON, one of last free journalist in Illuminatziland, minutes before he was murdered by NATO, at Misrata (4), the equivalent of Aleppo in the battle of Syria.

As last resort Illuminati will use same plan as during the fake war "NATO v Gaddafi" in Libya, as their puppet Gaddafi was about to bite the dust (3): occupy Syria as they occupied Libya, preventing each time the freedom fighters to take control while replacing the old illuminati puppet with a new one dressed as "rebel".
The illuminati must now occupy Syria. First step: upscale another previously launched fake war to prevent freedom fighters to take control.
This time it is the fake war of agent Erdogan of Turkey vs agent Assad of Syria (5), that in the first act already had a "turkish plane shot down by Assad".

(1) September 28, 2012, NATziO supplying weapons to Assad, the same as for the past decades. Differences: for the last months disguised as "humanitarian" and using Maliki, the puppet installed by NATO in Iraq and agent Ahmandinejad in Iran, who is also supplying mercenaries.
Lieberman plays the same role as McCain played in Libya in the illuminati theater of "supporting" the freedom fighters: as it was clear that Gaddafi's mercenaries were about to be wiped out, McCain flew to Benghazi to support "his heroes", while the illuminati media kept playing the broken record of "libyan rebels are mostly al-Qaeda", the same record it plays about the Syrian freedom fighters.
"[Maliki] said ‘I can tell you I have a pledge from the Iranians in writing that they are only carrying humanitarian material including food to Syria.' And we said, ‘That is not the intelligence we have,'" Lieberman said.
Maliki has the right and ability to stop the flights and search them but is refusing to do so, Lieberman said. ... rman_warns

(2) Illuminati agents Erdogan, Muslim Brootherhood, Ahmadinejad and Assad part of script "Glory of the Olive"
Get the basics:
One of the FIRST RESULTS by angelic Google since 2004 is the END TIMES TRUTH. It reads:
Glory Of the Olive, the illuminati code for the destruction of ...

(3) Fake war NATO v Gaddafi and plan A, to partition Libya with oil under Gadaffi control, exposed first by Last Prophet, 26 February 2011. It survived so far here: ... -move.html
Google: fake war NATO v Gaddafi ... +v+Gaddafi

(4) Last Prophet's words exposing the murder of independent reporter TIM HETHERINGTON by NATO in Misratograd alias Misrata, from April 2011, were deleted by the CIA but they were archived by
What illuminati media will not tell: His last TWEEET ... 454643/pg1

(5) Turkish illuminati puppets used to begin the occupation of Syria. Oct. 5, 2012 (Xinhua): "Turkish PM calls on war preparation in Syria-Turkey tensions" ... 890111.htm

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PostMon Dec 03, 2012 10:54 pm » by Mattmarriott

MAKE NO MISTAKE: Illuminati ordered Assad to go chemical and will occupy Syria as last resort. Agent Ahmadinejad can NOT fall

December 3, 2012, Illuminati media makes a last threat to freedom fighters as agent Assad ordered to go chemicalm while preparing the way for agent Erdogan to occupy Syria and prevent freedom fighters to take power

Syria moves chemical weapons, White House warns of crossing 'red line' ... -red-line/

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As illuminati puppet Assad collapses despite backing from Ahmadinjead's iranian mercenaries, script unfolds as predicted by Last Prophet;
The US is ready to launch military action in Syria “within days” if President Assad resorts to mobilising chemical weapons in an attempt to repel rebel forces trying to seize Damascus, The Times has been told. ... 620699.ece

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PostSun Dec 23, 2012 10:45 pm » by Mattmarriott

Assad uses chemical weapons against freedom fighters as predicted: Poisonous gas sprayed in a rebel-held neighbourhood in Homs, as dozens of YouTube videos uploaded today prove,

All illuminati media, from CNN to Al Jazeera censor it [not only in] the front page, reporting "Air strike on Syria bakery 'kills dozens'" (in text: at least 90): ... 93146.html
As for Al-Jazeera, a blog page is the alibi to prove that it did not totally censor it: ... -there-say

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syrian "freedom fighters " aka soldiers of allah, TAKE PLEDGE TO ESTABLISH CALIPHATE

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FSA Declares: NO to Western Democracy, YES to Islamic Tyranny

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FSA Terrorist: We won't stop our Jihad until we conquer the White House

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