Assad's forces using Vacuum bombs to fight the FSA!

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PostSat Nov 03, 2012 1:43 am » by mediasorcery

Spock wrote:It's all good, understandable you are suspicious MS, I was too but I've had the opportunity to chat with him on skype the past 2 days and he's a really decent guy, regardless of if you agree on his position or not. Personally though, I trust his assessment of the situation as he is where he says it is, and equally defends Muslims where he sees the need, and that to me screams of somebody just trying to get the truth out without having an over-the-top agenda or bias. He has equal disgust for U.S. as well as militant actions.

He is a great pulse on the region posting here on this forum, and if you don't agree with everything he says, it does not make him a bad guy - you're going at him pretty hard, and I'd just ask you to step back and read what you've posted, give him the benefit of the doubt as you asked Proto to with Fleck, and also, maybe take him up on his offer to chat with him.

good advice and duly noted, fair enough, i can take that on board no probs, and now im more inclined to believe him, thanx spock.
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