Asteroid 'Nibiru' On Collision Course With Earth

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PostSat Dec 22, 2012 1:09 pm » by Vulcanic

Otoel wrote:
Toxic32 wrote:If this planet was on a collision cause with us in Nov/Dec then it would be visible by now and astronomers would be crawling all over the news with pictures???? NASA would not be able to keep it quiet.

What are you stupid or something? They obviously use their HAARP shit to make a fake sky so you cant see this rock coming towards us to fuck shit up... dah!!

harrp is a weather machine first made by tesla and is very real, but we do not use it for weather we use it to put a bubble in the upper layers of our sky so our radio waves do not reach other countrys.

now project blue beam is the holografic satalite that some think creates a fake sky for us to look at, i don't know if project blue beam is real or not but i had so much doubt i never really looked into it to much.

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