Skeptic's 9 minutes in Heaven

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Spock wrote:Are you in the states Truthseeker?

The Division of Perceptual Studies - School of Medicine at the University of Virginia

I choose to remain as anonymous as possible, thanks. I have a good life and I'd like it to remain that way.

The only person I ever felt compelled to prove my ability to was my spouse. As mentioned, in the beginning of my learning, I shook my body too hard in order to locate it when I was far from it. This shaking was interpreted by my spouse as epilepsy. To ease my spouse's concerns, I agreed to a test outlined by my spouse and I promised that the shaking would not occur again.

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PostWed Oct 30, 2013 1:34 am » by Ishumble

Constabul wrote:
Truthseekerx wrote:It's just fear of death. Understandable really, since a lot of deaths are painful. And we have all experienced a LOT of deaths.

This is what you presume it to be, just as easily as I can say that individuals who gravitate towards an 'afterlife' are scared to let go of what they are, what they have learned, and the people they love.
Is the Ego transcendent?
Or is it a matter of patterns that fit the vessel they are in at the time manifested till the product of decay results in a new transference /manifestation. Without previous structure/pattern intact(ego).

You presume fear, due to it fitting the mold of the box you have constructed for your self. I can say I personally do not know, an knowingly say the same of any truly honest person.
I observe patterns in nature, this give me clues to form opinion of how I see things, but it is only an opinion.
The mind can trick us into all sorts of comfort zones, an afterlife with a 'creator' is no less a mind trick.
It is a taught belief structure that does not manifest uniformly in human.
A desire to continue on in some capacity that is more then what we see.
That is the true fear.

Yes we experience LOTS of deaths, to live others creatures, 'creations' (if you will) must die.
We watch people we love disappear as we ourselves grow older, and eventually die.

To know Death, is to realize what is living.
Because at some point for us all it (life) will be gone.

My view stands this lady is out to sell a book, it is a bs story, but one many can relate to and empathize with to give them hope. Enjoy that, buy the book, it is your choice. I see no difference here then many others we see come, along jump into a genre, and use it to their benefit.
2012- end of the wolrd
Nibiru- again end of the world
NWO- various slants
UFOs- debatable (and i have seen what i would call UFOs But is a wide topic/book base)
Lizard people- yadda yadda
I think you may get the gist.

What about this young girl?

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The peace and bright light experienced by Ben at age 4

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