Atlantis Rising???

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PostTue Jul 27, 2010 5:05 pm » by Savwafair2012

Could the Gulf oil leak be a cover for Atlantis rising???

When I first stumbled into the rabbit hole I soon realized that the truth was far stranger than when I first heard of this theory I thought it very much may be true.

Dr. Bill Deagle was recently on Whistleblower Radio with host Kerry Cassidy and he said that the ocean floors are rising in many places around the globe such as Bimini, north east U.S., coast of Australia, etc.. some at a rate of 13 feet per day.

He agreed with Kerry that the Gulf oil explosion is a cover for the fact that Atlantis is rising and tptb are trying to keep the truth from the public.

Kerry mentioned this on her blog today, here:

Dr. Deagle also talked about the global elite, underground bunkers, consciousness, stargates, e.t.'s, morgellons, the end of this age and much more...the interview was very interesting. :)

If your interested in listening to the Radio Show click here: ... amelot.mp3


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PostTue Jul 27, 2010 8:59 pm » by Oldsoul

Its about time someone noticed.
Worked awful hard to do that one.
You see the masses, because of decades and centuries of 'brain washing' techniques, will simply refuse to believe the truth. They will be locked into a mental denial, about what has really happened on Earth. So rather than shock them by dropping the 'veil' suddenly, and having them remember everything--all the horror of being continuously taken, killed, and cloned for meat---that they should have a bit of 'evidence' to prove that the royals are hybrids, and that they(the people) were sold as meat to the Snake Family Collective.
The skeletal remains on Atlantis will be undenyable. And no amount of PTB interferance will stop them from being seen, nor will they be able to seize them as easily as Giza's artifacts.

On Atlantis, they married openly. This was one of the three tactics during the War, of infiltration and take over, and this is where the old tech and skeletons exist that proves this.

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