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PostFri Mar 19, 2010 2:21 am » by whitedeath

spock wrote:You just need to read from the beginning. Your post shows that you are not responding to the depth of this thread.

You're right, 20 pages.. eeek! It was more a joke post anyway, Though I did have that dream and it was very real to me at the time.. that was because I hadn't taken my medication for two nights & was sufferring with withdrawel symptoms. I had watched a documentary about aliens, played some COD MW2, then watched Dancing on Ice with the fiance. Nice imagination I have to tie them all together that night :D

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PostFri Mar 19, 2010 10:45 am » by Clawspiracy

I'm glad that you are brave enough to post these, Slush. I'm also quite pleased that you've retained the information... Keep it coming. Lita may not be real in our sense of the word, but she may be quite real on another level. Maybe Lita is you.

Every atom and molecule that exists in this system called our universe contains all the information needed to create it. That is, the seed always contains the result and the result always produces a seed. Just as we have this in physical form as life on this planet, so must it be with things outside of it. Our solar system for example, contains all the information one would need to create another that would function in a similar way elsewhere.

What I am suggesting is that somehow you've connected to a higher functioning level of reality, beyond dream states, perhaps even time. I would certainly not doubt it. I recently received the email below. This person claims to have talked to me in anothr place, and he said he "saw me" during a UFO appearance in Los Angeles. I'm changing the person's name for their protection:

Hello my name is Olde Feller, I am a medicine man from the nations of Winnebago and Cheyenne River sioux. I was in LA around the early nineties and encountered "entities" essences, et's I talked with them for 3 days. I was showed the tubes that were interactive with their thoughts. So on. I hope this is not scaring you. I am in hopes that I can talk to someone from the group. I feel your music. I am a lowly man, with a big heart and a great understanding of how my universe is a gift. I can manifest more gifts for others tooo. Your music has saved me. many times. I have tried scuicide but never again after my "Visit" I now am "AWAKE" and alive. I lived two blocks south of the Bohdi Tree. On XXXX Drive. I know they were working on many levels there and numerous individuals. One thing I was told was to find "we" that was their parting words. I never knew what it was. I thought oh "we" is a group of alien enthusiasts who party in the desert and were free to do what they choose. I now am aware "we" is what ever connects or entwines two. I met you on the 6th dimension. I can feel you through your music. Thanks for your blessings and gifts. Peace, Love, Hope and Worth. We'll be happy......

At first I took this fan letter as a bit out there, but parts of it really bothered me. For one thing, I remembered a dream where I was shown the creation of galaxies and the formations of stars. The other is that recently, I have been given some really simple math equations that I know relate to sound and vibrations. But really creepy is the fact that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 figure quite a bit in them. I know I'm on to something, but I don't know what it means just yet.

Keep that conduit open. However, you must remain steadfast not to influence it or move it. As you know, we think of you as a UFO researcher, so the obvious tendency would be to think that you projected your wishes onto the dream. I'm not feeling it that way, at least not yet. BTW, the pics are all gone from the OP, can you email them to me? You can PM me and I'll give you my addy..
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PostFri Mar 19, 2010 11:42 am » by Lucidlemondrop

whitedeath wrote:Okay I don't want to sound like I am off my rocker or a loon but last night (full moon) I had a very detailed dream....
An Ice skater crashed into the side of the rink & half of her knee fell off, Some terrorists stormed the building to rush her out to emergency help but it was aliens who were operating on her.

Now imagine if everyone believed in their detailed dreams, things would get crazy..crazier!

That dream is actually fairly easy to read, at least I think your sub was sending you a message to think about. But it is the next paragraph that I felt a need to respond to.

It's easier to accept it was a real occurance if you are already more inclined to believe in such things as aliens, or a self importance that would lead to them giving you the message.

I am not so sure that this is more often the case. I like to think that the real disclosure from what I have heard from others concerning "aliens" or even other matters of the mind tend to happen when you aren't waiting and expecting it. As far as a self importance that would lead to a message being given, again many stories are told in the form of the less likely person to have extraordinary occurances. And you know what, as long as it is measured with humility self importance is a good thing to feel about yourself......

But I'm not trying to dirty your post, I get what you meant, self importance as in being the
"chosen" one or something like that maybe.

Everybody should take a couple of nights away from the internet, have a few cold drinks & spend some quality time with others.
The fun is going to start very soon

Hey the fun is all ready started, I am a day sleeper cause I love this time of the morning when it is quiet and no phones ringing and such.....and did have a barbecue with the fam earlier today....So I am going to spend some Quantum Quality time with you instead!

I do anticipate more fun though....and the more the merrier.

What a long strange trip it's been..............

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PostFri Mar 19, 2010 11:52 am » by Nihilgeist

Sounds like an awesome dream, I wouldn't mind having that myself. Unfortunately the dreams I have remembered involved the Devil & Demons (back when I was a good little christian that was afraid of the dark), haunted locations (for some reason I know they're haunted within the dream when I'm walking into it, such as a room) which result in me being paralyzed (ie night terrors though I have been able to work past the instant terror of feeling a overwhelming force take hold of me and control my fear when being paralyzed and confront it with my own rage and anger within the dream. This also used to be a result of me attempting to escape a location and the last dream I had I was walking headlong into the room fully knowing what to expect within the room, as I wanted the rush that is brought with the feeling), and every now and then natural or cosmic disasters, though I haven't had one in a while. The only ufo related dreams I have are usually being outside at night as suddenly seeing the sky swarming with ufos and coming to the realization that "it's finally happening" as in full blown contact.

I'd say the only critique I have, if any is justifiable, is why is it we're always created by some other "advanced civilization"? Forerunners, Precursors, Ancients, Xel'Naga, etc. If they created us, who created them? Life had to have started on its own somewhere with no interference, and I certainly don't mean by a non-corporeal creator, specifically one that get his kicks by killing his son on a cross and sending him to hell.
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