Aunt Mary Said...

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PostSat Oct 26, 2013 3:39 am » by Harbin

Aunt Mary said that as you get older, the years, (time), goes by more quickly.

She was right.

However, I wonder why this is. :think:

Do YOU know why ?

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PostSat Oct 26, 2013 3:58 am » by fossileyesed

yes,i think i do
the fuller a vessel is, the faster it fills
i also think its important not to fill yourself up with bullshit and things that dont really matter
family ,friends and nature are where i try to focus.
i say try, cause it doesnt always work like i want it to.
at the moment,this is my opinion
Treat the Earth well.
It was not given to you by your parents,
It was loaned to you by your children.
We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children.

stay awesome

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PostSat Oct 26, 2013 5:51 am » by Bravo69

' cause life is like a roll of toilet paper -- the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes...

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PostSat Oct 26, 2013 10:38 am » by Spikey

My wife and I keep noticing this too.

We've spoken to others, of different ages, and strangely enough even the younger people agree that their perception of the passage of time seems to be changing too...this may not be the traditional 'time getting faster as we age' kind of thing.

What else could it be then?

What is time?

Time has been announced recently as being a product, or a by-product of Quantum interactions of various sorts. Time is being created (or our perception of it is being facilitated) by the quantum world.

IOW, the perception of time is generated and we observe and experience it as another of the strange quantum effects we are discovering recently. Entanglement being another one we've all heard about in the last few years.

But if time is a product of various quantum interactions, surely these interactions and the resulting emergence of time have always occured and existed, since we have always been aware of time?...the question then is one of what could be happening differently in the quantum world, that seems to be affecting the speed of time, or our perception of the speed of time?

We don't have the answers of course, since we still barely understand what the hell time actually is, even if we do now think we know how it is generated from quantum effects!

Time for another theory. (see what i did there?)

The BIG bang.

We all know the theory of the big bang, and are aware of Universal expansion of matter and galaxies etc. following it and that the expansion is continuing to accelerate at an ever increasing rate...various theories from astute minds have been put forwards over the years, although none of them really come close to being able to be called 'the definitive truth' or rock solid proof.

I'll offer another theory for those interested in this stuff.

The Universe isn't expanding..the galaxies and nebulae and all of the matter out there, are not moving away from each other in an ever expaning balloon of matter...they are heading towards, not away from each other.

Visualise the Universe as a torus. A big, fat doughnut.

Imagine the cental hole, unlike a real doughnut, as very narrow.

Now, here's the controversial part of the theory...the big happening now. Right now.

It never stopped. A continuous explosion of matter and energy, of unimaginable power and strength. The gravitational effects of such a sustaining explosion is the engine of the Universal 'flow' of matter and energy in the body of the doughnut.

The movement of the galaxies and matter, seen as because of the perpetual big bang, which is really not a single, unimaginable massive explosion, but more of a single, massively compressed, massively gravitational engine of power.

The universal power plant if you like. How i see it is this way; The big bang engine sits at the center of the universal torus, directly centered in the thin tube that makes the entrances to the hole in the center of our doughnut shaped Universe.

The expansion is magnetic / gravitational in nature, the prime mover being the power source at the center.

The matter (us, the Earth, the Solar system, the Milky Way, every other bit of matter out there) is both irresistably drawn to, and repelled by the power source, as a magent attracts and repells opposite and like poles of another magnet.

This is the movement of the galaxies. They are created inside the immensly powerful center, are expelled from one magnetic pole, to travel the torus ring of the Universe for billions of years, all the while being drawn by and travelling towards the opposite, and now attractive pole of the source.

The matter eventually travels around the ring, and back into the source, or big bang engine to be 'renewed' and reconfigured to start the entire process again...and again, and again.

Galactic black holes, or what we think of as black holes, could be localised effects emmenating from the source, and local inferior galactic mover 'motor' version of the source, aiding and abbetting the entire process of matter flowing from one source pole to the other, in an endless cycle.

What has all this got to do with time and our perceptions of it changing?

As we travel towards the 'attractive opening' (ahem...) of the Universal torus, matter will naturally speed up, since the curve of the torus is shaper, steeper the closer we get to the opening...a bit like the water draining from a bath, get's faster the closer it gets drawn to the plug hole.

If this is so, the quantum world will be altered too...and if time is a by-product of quantum interactions, and those interactions are slowly increasing by being drawn closer to the source tunnel entrance, time or our perceptions of it, ought to increase in tandem with it.

If this theory is anywhere near correct, we should percieve time to be increasing at an ever rapid rate. The problem then is measuring the flow or rate of time, because the scales involved are enormous. IOW, our local galaxy, although being inexorably drawn towards renewal (destruction of everything and then recycling again)..we may only just now have crossed over the 'Universal torus equator' so to speak, and only just started our faster and faster journey towards the source at the center...which might take tens of billions of years to complete the trip to reach the entrance at the attractive side of the torus.

Measuring any increase conventionally, using traditional optical methods will be difficult as the difference will be very, very small due to the vast timescales and distances involved.

Measuing Quantum phenomena and seeing if the rate of those interactions is increasing will probably be the key to proving or disproving this theory.

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PostSat Oct 26, 2013 11:09 am » by Spikey

I've just killed this thread haven't i.

Too serious?

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PostSat Oct 26, 2013 1:31 pm » by Harbin

Spikey wrote:I've just killed this thread haven't i.

Too serious?

Hey Spikey, he likes it !

It is an interesting theory Spikey, but I think that we here on earth are in a time bubble of sorts, and what we perceive has little to do with the big cosmic picture.

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